Drug Addiction Treatment Center the watershed addiction treatment programs The Watershed Addiction Treatment programs offering drug addiction treatment as well as alcohol addiction treatment. America's premier drug addiction treatment center 24 hour addiction treatment helpline at the watershed addiction treatment programs for drug addiction

The Watershed Drug Rehab Centers

Chemical dependency comes in various forms and can affect anyone at any age.  The Watershed is a world- class drug rehab center; offering treatment for substance abuse.  As a state licensed addiction treatment facility with qualified professionals; we will provide you with the help and support you need to restart your life.

Our center is dedicated to providing you a therapeutic environment that meets your individual needs.  We promise to care for you and treat you with dignity as you heal your heart, mind and soul.  Our facilities offer the level of treatment necessary to treat your dependency.  These levels of treatment include:

  • Inpatient drug rehab

  • Intensive outpatient Rehab

  • Partial hospitalization

  • Residential drug rehab

Types of Addiction Treatment Available

Your personal drug rehabilitation plan will include medically supervised treatment for:

  • Alcoholism

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Drug abuse

  • Chemical Dependencies

  • Dual Diagnosis

The Watershed drug and alcohol rehabilitation program offers dependency education, detoxification, family rehab programs ,group therapy, counseling, psychiatric and psychological care.

Now is the time to start living a sober and clean life; contact The Watershed now.

Rehabilitation Help for Families

Drug addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse are family diseases that affect those who love you the most.  The Watershed offers family therapy to help your family members understand the effects of addiction how they can help you with your recovery efforts.

Family therapy touches on various topics which may include:

  • Recognizing signs and symptoms of drug addiction or chemical dependency

  • Addiction & the people affected

  • Co-dependency & breaking the cycle

  • How to repair damage caused by the addict’s disease

  • Helping recovering addicts after detoxification & rehabilitation

Our regularly scheduled “Family Therapy Workshops” are offered free of charge.

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