Drug Addiction Treatment Center the watershed addiction treatment programs The Watershed Addiction Treatment programs offering drug addiction treatment as well as alcohol addiction treatment. America's premier drug addiction treatment center 24 hour addiction treatment helpline at the watershed addiction treatment programs for drug addiction

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

The Watershed is a full service addiction recovery center, providing a compassionate and nurturing environment for men and woman in need of drug or alcohol treatment.  Our qualified trained professionals understand the psychological and physiological effects of drug addition and alcoholism.  Our 12 program has helped thousands of addicts and alcoholics find freedom through recovery.

Our facilities offer the level of treatment necessary to treat your dependency.  These levels of treatment include:

  • In-patient

  • Intensive out-patient

  • Partial hospitalization

  • Residential

Learning to Enjoy Life after Addiction

Recreational activities provide our patients with a way to learn that fun is indeed possible without the use of drugs and alcohol.  These activities can include:

  • Exercise & exercise equipment

  • Attending 12 step sponsored events

  • Trips to local parks

Helping Families

Families affected by drug and alcohol abuse often times feel their loved ones addiction is their fault or that it was something they could control.  The Watershed provides therapeutic workshops for families and loved ones of someone who is chemical dependent.  Through education and understanding, families are able to repair the damage inflicted by these diseases and provide the support needed for their loved ones recovery. Our family therapy workshops can cover topics such as:

  • Recognizing signs and symptoms of drug addiction or chemical dependency

  • Addiction & the people affected

  • Co-dependency & breaking the cycle

  • How to repair damage caused by the addict’s disease

  • Helping recovering addicts after detoxification & rehabilitation

The Watershed mission is to provide the best and most cost effective treatment to people and families affected by the disease of addiction, alcoholism and mental illness.

  • Medically Supervised Detox and Treatment

  • Dual Diagnosis

  • Inpatient/Residential Rehabilitation

  • JCAHO Accredited

  • Fully Licensed in Florida & Texas

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