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National Drug Facts Week: Test Your Drug Knowledge

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This week (January 28th-February 3rd)  is National Drug Facts Week which is an annual awareness campaign that started a few years ago to help inform teenagers of real drug facts.  This year the campaign is focused on getting to the bottom of drug myths and understanding the truth of drug and alcohol use.  Parents, teachers and health professionals across the United States are encouraged to take part in NDFW by educating teens about drug abuse and teen drug addiction.  Test your drug awareness with these 5 questions (answers at bottom of page)


Drug Facts

1.  All of the following are depressants except:

A. Cocaine
B. Heroin
C. Alcohol
D. Vicodin


2.  On average, how many people under the age of 21 die each year as a result of underage drinking:

A. 2,500
B. 5,000
C. 10,000
D. 15,000


3.  This drug is a synthetic powder that causes rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, and paranoia:

A. OxyContin
B. Salvia
D. Bath Salts


4.  Inhalant abuse occurs most commonly in which age group:

A. 12 – 18
B. 18 – 24
C. 42 – 48
D. 68 – 74


5.  This neurotransmitter plays a huge role in addiction:

A. Cannabinoid
B. Adrenaline
C. Serotonin
D. Dopamine



1) A
    2) B
    3) D
    4) A
    5) D

To test yourself further, check out the official 2013 NDFW National Drug IQ Challenge.

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