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Stories of Hope

 Stories of Hope, Recovery


The Watershed saved my life. I am attending AA meetings and working on “self.” The friends I have in AA are very important to me. The Watershed is a special place! I think about my stay there every day, and the things that I learned there. If I had not been there to learn some of the tools needed to stay clean and sober, AA meetings would not have the meaning they have today. I hope to go back to the Watershed to visit, and see some of the real true friends I made there. Keep up the great work you do!!
Judy P., KY


I wanted to write and say how awesome recovery is! I have been sober since May 7, 2003. I was at the Watershed for 2 months, and I can’t begin to say how wonderful my life is and how happy I am to be sober today. I have handled many tough situations and continue to amaze myself on how much I can handle and not use. The one thing they told us at the Watershed is that if you quit using, 99% of your problems will clear up on their own. I thought that cannot be true, but it is true. Don’t get me wrong, I still have daily problems, but all the drama that was in my life because of using did go away. I am grateful for my recovery.
Rachel L., MN


I have been so blessed to have had an opportunity to come to The Watershed for treatment. I tried so many times to change my mind, but they kept encouraging me, so I came. I came to the Watershed October 2, 2007. I had been doing crack cocaine. The staff there was very professional which helped me to make up my mind not to do drugs any more. I thank Dr. Sal and the rest of the staff there for all of your help. I think anyone who wants to clean up their life ought to come to The Watershed. On October 2, 2008 I will have been clean one year. I can’t thank the professionals out there enough for helping me through that habit.
James J., TN