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Rise in Teenagers Abusing Triple C Pills and DXM Cough Medicine

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triple c pills abuseThere’s been an increase in teenagers abusing cough medicines like Coricidin, known as Triple C, and dextromethorphan (DXM).  These over the counter medicines are particularly dangerous because teenagers and young adults can purchase these medicines themselves without needing a prescription.

Abuse of Triple C Pills and DXM

When abused and taken in massive quantities, these medicines are just as dangerous – if not more – than illegal drugs.  They produce similar effects to hallucinogens like PCP.  Much like potent pharmaceutical drugs, these medicines have a high potential for abuse.  Triple C pills and DXM are particularly posing a threat to younger generations because they are easily accessible to them. Because these cough medicines are readily available at local pharmacies, teenagers can easily stock up and abuse them.  Any substance with potential to change chemical properties in the brain should pose concern.

Teenager tells her story

It is reportedly common for teenagers to take a massive amount of Triple C pills in order to get the effects of a hallucinogenic drug, but these youths don’t realize that abusing these potent chemicals in cough medicines can lead to overdose and sudden death.  “I hallucinated a lot,” began to explain 18-year-old Shannon who only went by her first name.  “It was like I was in a dream or something. I was so disassociated. So I liked that feeling of not being in reality, and I kept using it after that.  I would take it when I woke up in the morning … before I went to school … after school.”  Shannon described how she became addicted to these Triple C pills.  It’s horrific to consider how cheap and readily available these medicines are.

Bad behaviors linked to cough medicines

Reports of violence have been associated with an excessive abuse of these cough medicines like Triple C pills and DXM.  Teenagers have been known for posting videos on social networks where they can be seen drinking bottles of Robitussin, referred to as robotripping.  These videos often show them engaging in violent behaviors where they are running around, hitting one another, screaming, and acting crazed.  A mother who wished to remain anonymous went as far as to say that the abuse of cough medicine can “change personality” because it did so with her son.  The abuse of Triple C pills, DXM, and other cough medicines can not only change personality, but can also lead to violence, other drug use, prison, irreversible brain damage, and cause a person to severely lose their way.

Preventative measures

When parents talk to their children about the medicines in their cabinets and keep track of pharmaceutical drugs that are being kept in the house, there is less of a chance for their children to abuse these substances.  If drug abuse does occur, there is more of an opportunity for a conversation to occur as a result.

Do you or someone you know have an issue with cough medicine and/or another substance?  Contact The Addiction Recovery Center for help today because you don’t have to live your life revolved around a substance any longer.  You can be free from obsession.  Call today at 1-888-510-24811.

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