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Hitting Rock Bottom: New Web Series About Addicts

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A new web series, Hitting Rock Bottom, tells the tales of real addicts and alcoholics and how they struggled with addiction. What’s unique about Hitting Rock Bottom is that the series of videos describe in a few minutes the progression of the disease of addiction. Each season describes one person’s life from what it was like before addiction, what it was like during their drug use, and ultimately what their bottom was like. They talk in detail about the trials and tribulations of addiction and how they are now free in recovery. This docu-drama is compelling, exciting, and identifiable from an addict/alcoholic perspective as well as educating to those outside of recovery. It shows how hitting rock bottom can happen anytime, to anyone, anywhere. The disease of addiction does not discriminate.

Getting To Know Darryl Brown

In Season 1, Episode 1 of Hitting Rock Bottom, we are introduced to Darryl Brown. Darryl was a young African American who grew up in the streets of New York City; by the late 1980’s, he was introduced to alcohol, coke, and ultimately crack. During this time, Crack was playing an exhilarating role in the clubs and streets of NYC.  Darryl described the physical and mental abuse in his home, the feelings of not belonging, and of just feeling alone. At that time, the only place he felt normal was on the basketball courts, until he got hooked on coke and crack. The physical abuse was progressively getting worse in his home, and so was Darryl’s state of mind. He became emotionally unstable and pulled a gun on his father. When he impulsively went to shoot the gun, it didn’t go off. Darryl never imagined that he was about to embark on a life of drugs and chaos that was going to be much worse than the prison-like home life he escaped.

Bottoms Happen

Another part of the Hitting Rock Bottom movement is the Bottoms Happen series which shows that anyone, at any time, can experience their bottom from drugs and alcohol. Only 3 videos have been uploaded from viewers, but more can certainly be expected to be seen in the near future based on what is available so far.

Behind The Scenes

“There is help and hope for all of us – that is my message. “– Corey Snyder, Director of Hitting Rock Bottom

Corey Snyder, Director, has been in recovery for 5 years now. From his first AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting, he was moved by the stories shared by others who have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. The tragic yet comical life the addict and alcoholic lives is something anyone who has struggled with addiction can not only identify with, but somehow feel uniquely connected to.  Corey’s vision was to allow those who suffer from addiction to see the life of a recovering addict, and educate those who may never otherwise encounter such people or experiences. He would later join up with JJ Ko, Producer, to help get his message out. His unique way of allowing the story teller to portray their experience in short videos makes the viewer feel as if they are a part of the story and are totally engaged.

The stigma of addiction sometimes still haunts those who are struggling with drugs and alcohol, and those who are in recovery. The truth is addiction is a disease, not a moral dilemma. The more stories we hear from those who have gone through drug abuse and alcoholism and who have recovered, like those being shared on Hitting Rock Bottom, the more hope we bring to an otherwise hopeless group of people.  Most addicts and alcoholics are not bad people trying to get good; they are just sick people trying to get well. If you would like to talk to someone about addiction and how you can recover, please chat with us live now at, we are always here. 

Written By: Recovery Gal

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