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Cloud 9 Bath Salts Pose Extreme Danger

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Recently, bath salts have been making headlines in conjunction with all of the tragic cannibal attacks that have taken place around the country. These synthetic drugs have flown, largely, under the radar until now, and have sparked a national debate as to why they are even allowed to be sold. In reality, the manufacturers of these bath salts, such as Cloud 9, are cleverly able to skirt regulation by the Federal Drug Administration by labeling their products as “not safe for human consumption”. Yet, this gimmick has not stopped gas stations and convenience stores around the country from stocking these drugs right next to cigars, rolling papers, and “water pipes”. While they say these products are for tobacco purposes, everyone, including authorities, knows what these products are actually being used for.

Dangers of cloud 9

These synthetic drugs contain amphetamine-like chemicals such as MDPV, mephedrone, and pyrovalerone. The Drug Enforcement Agency classifies bath salts as a “designer drug of the phenethylamine class”. These chemicals come in a powder form, and are generally snorted, inhaled, or swallowed. Many people were first turned on to bath salts when they heard that they simulated the effects of cocaine or LSD. The desired effects of bath salts are euphoria, stimulation, and heightened awareness. In reality, individuals who abuse bath salts are far more likely to experience high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, paranoia, and sweating.

Bath Salts

Susan Foster is the Vice President and Director of policy research and analysis at the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. She says, “Addictive substances, whether they are bath salts, alcohol or other drugs, can have horrific and costly consequences. Sometimes these consequences can result from only one use; other times they are a result of the complex brain disease of addiction.” It is impossible to determine how an individual will react to drugs like bath salts. They are wildly unpredictable. This is another reason why they are so dangerous. Many people are ending up in hospitals and poison control centers around the country, and doctors have no clue on how to treat them. This is because no one knows for certain what substances are contained in bath salts.

Currently, there is no Federal law banning the sale, possession, or consumption of bath salts. However, with the recent spree of bizarre and horrific crimes attributed to the effects of bath salts, that may not be the case for much longer. People are beginning to realize what a grave and extreme risk products like Cloud 9 pose to the public. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs like bath salts, have them seek immediate medical attention at a Florida drug rehab center.

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