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French Woman’s Fake Account Shows Hidden Alcoholism On Instagram

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Her name is Louise Delage and her Instagram went viral in just two months with over 48,000 followers. But there is more to Louise than meets the eye.

Liking Alcoholism On Instagram

If you look carefully at each photo of Delage on Instagram, there is something many people miss. You might be distracted by her beauty, lavish lifestyle, and scenery, but in nearly every shot, the presence of alcohol seems to go unnoticed one “double tap” at a time.

Who is she and why she is so important? Her name and persona are actually entirely fabricated – she is a model posing in each shot to highlight the glamorized side of alcohol addiction. The now famous Instagram account was created by an ad agency in Paris called BETC. They were hired by Addiction Aide to help show alcoholism and addiction in a different light. The idea behind the campaign was to show how easy it is to overlook someone’s alcoholism or drug addiction problem on social media without even realizing it. In some cases, by liking it, we are even condoning and enabling their behavior.

Check out her IG page here: @louise.delage

So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that someone you know right now is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction problem, and you may be supporting it without even knowing it. Take a moment to think about your friends list and what they might be posting. Maybe it’s a family member, just a friend, or maybe it’s you. If you feel like alcoholism or drug addiction has been going unnoticed, it might be time to do something about it. There is hope and healing outside of addiction, but it can’t start until it is recognized. Contact us now to learn how you can get yourself or a loved one the help they truly deserve.


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