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Did You Know Watershed
The Watershed provides a full medical detox on-site by 24-hour nursing and paramedic staff.


Why Choose the Watershed

Here at The Watershed, we are committed to helping you reach your ultimate goal:

sobriety. With the help of our diverse and specialized programs, you will leave with

all the tools needed to continue a brand new, healthier lifestyle after treatment.

You've already taken the first step… you're here.



No Financial Hardship

The Watershed rehabilitation center can work with you to help you access your insurance coverage and make treatment affordable. Our addiction treatment services are covered by most health insurance plans.


Safe & Comfortable Environment

The Watershed's Medical Detox is located right at our facility so you can rest assured that you or your loved one is in a safe and comfortable environment with paramedics, nurses and medical doctors on staff 24/7. Watershed assists patients, their families and friends in understanding the recovery process, both while the patient is in treatment and as their recovery continues after treatment.


Convenient Transportation

Located in beautiful South Florida, The Watershed is recognized as a premier addiction treatment center for drug and alcohol abuse. We provide comprehensive inpatient care that includes a safe and comfortable medical detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation and residential treatment at all of our facilities, including multiple levels of outpatient care.



Over 35,000 People Have Been Helped

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs have been state licensed since 1998 and have helped over 35,000 people recover from drug addiction and alcoholism. Our staff of highly trained addiction professionals includes psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychologists, nurses, paramedics, therapists and certified behavioral health technicians.


The Watershed's Full Continuum of Care

We care about the health and success of our patients, even after they have left our facility. The Watershed offers care and support to our Alumni and their families from our comprehensive Alumni Department, specifically designed to help our patients and their families stay connected to recovery even long after treatment.


State Licensed Since 1998

We are licensed by The State of Florida Department of Children and Families to perform addiction and substance abuse detoxification for alcohol addiction and drug addiction, together with intensive residential inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. Addicts and Alcoholics do recover from the disease of addiction. Recovery can be a reality for you or your loved one; all you have to do is call today!



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