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Urban Stash Spot Clothing Insults The Death Of An Addict

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Sal, the son of Patty DiRenzo, lost his life at the young age of 26 to a heroin overdose in 2010. As a direct result of her experience, Patty has become an advocate in the fight against the heroin epidemic that plagues our nation.

Urban Stash Spot Clothing

Patty recently became aware of a company called Urban Stash Spot Clothing, selling various styles of pants and shirts covered in prescription drug labels. Concerned that the clothes would glamorize the illegal use of prescription drugs and send the wrong message to consumers, she reached out to the company via email, asking them to reconsider their designs.

What happened next is nothing short of appalling.

In a recent article on My Fox Philly, the e-mails that came back from Urban Stash Spot Clothing were as follows:

Urban Stash Spot Clothing E-mail 1

“Buy B**ch help your kid out next time.”
Urban Stash Spot Clothing E-mail 2

“#UrbanGangB**ch, don’t be mad at Fields cause ur son made stupid decisions 100.”
Urban Stash Spot Clothing E-mail 3

 “No one gives a f*** how you lost your son, F*** YOUR SON. I’d kill em myself if he was alive still lol jk you f***ing petty bitch…post this too you f***ing lowlife. You still won’t do a damn thing and you aren’t going to change shit! You’re as insignificant as a grain of sand so just wash away.” 

In her interview with My Fox Philly, DiRenzo shared her reaction to the emails, saying, “It was upsetting, I was hurt. I was, literally hurt, I mean, I didn’t know what to do. I was so dumbfounded because I could not believe that a business would operate this way.”

As we looked further into the company and their social media accounts, it didn’t come as a shock to see that the men behind the scenes served time in prison for “paying debts to the streets.” The majority of the customers on their social media accounts also appear to lead similar lifestyles.

To clarify, just because you’ve served prison time, or have been addicted to drugs, does not by itself make you a bad person, or less-than anyone else. However, those individuals who continue to live a lifestyle that thrives off of the destruction of others via promoting drug abuse are probably the type of people you want to avoid.

And although the company claims that anyone can wear their brand – including teachers, doctors, and lawyers – we seriously question whether any of those demographics would actually promote active prescription drug use in their daily clothing choices.

If we allow these types of people to continue to try to make a profit off the devastation of addiction and continue to spread the stigma of drug addicts, we will continue to see lives lost to addiction, and families destroyed. Drug addiction can affect anyone, and supporting companies like Urban Stash Spot Clothing is just one more step towards killing more individuals suffering from addiction.

What will your choice be? Do we stand up for our community or allow companies like this to make money off sick and suffering addicts, and glamorizing habits that result in jail time, institutionalization, and death?

Want to promote the recovery lifestyle? Check out this movement: Party Sober Clothing and help raise awareness that our lives matter!

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