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New Uber Breathalyzer Attempts To Help Prevent Drunk Driving

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An Uber breathalyzer is being placed around various Mumbai bars and clubs as part of an initiative to help prevent drunk driving accidents and ultimately deaths.

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Uber breathalyzer

Uber recently teamed up with Mumbai Traffic Police in order to help install the first ever Uber breathalyzer.

“Through this campaign, we aim to build awareness against drunk-driving and give people a convenient and reliable ride back home,”

Shailesh Salani, General Manager of Uber Mumbai told BuzzFeed in a recent interview. “We hope to work with the Mumbai Traffic Police to install these devices across all bars and pubs in the city.”

The Uber Breathalyzer device is simple. All you have to do is blow into the machine and if the person’s BAC levels are over the legal limit, the computer will help the intoxicated person get a ride rather than drive. What is great about this contraption is that the person intoxicated doesn’t have to know exactly where they are to request a ride; the computer does it for them. The other bonus, if it’s your first time using the device, the ride is free.

Breathometer and Uber

The good news for those who do not live in Mumbai, is that you can still get home safely if you’ve been out drinking all night. Uber and Breathometer joined forces in 2015 to help prevent drunk driving by using Breathometer’s “Get Home Safe” option. Breathometer is a device that can be purchased to help check your BAC levels simply by using your smartphone. Once the device detects intoxication, it will help you obtain travel arrangements so that you don’t have to drive. What is great about this option is that you can carry it with you no matter what location you go to.

We are eager to see how well the Uber Breathalyzer does in Mumbai and will be excited to see if the U.S. picks up on this awesome new trend in helping raise awareness and prevent drunk driving deaths.

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