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Apartment Halfway House

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At The Addiction Recovery Center, we have a plan for our patients’ long term recovery with our Extended Care Program at the Watershed Apartments Halfway House. Located in the stunning Palm Beaches of Florida, The Addiction Recovery Center Apartments Halfway House are fully equipped with all of the amenities to make our patients feel at home including a private pool, sand volleyball, on-site laundry, private balconies, and flat screen televisions in every apartment.

Living In the Watershed Apartments Halfway House

Our Extended Care Program is one of the final steps toward independent living without the use of drugs or alcohol. We gradually ease our patients into the first step of this phase with our Partial Hospitalization Program. Together, The Addiction Recovery Center treatment team and the patient decide when the time is right to take the next step in returning to independent living to ensure a fully successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Initially, patients will transition from in-patient to day treatment while living at Apartment Halfway House. In this step, patients attend counseling and therapy activities and continue to receive care from physicians and nurses. In the evenings, they are able to attend community recovery groups and structured activities.

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We strongly encourage our patients to continue from the Watershed Apartments Halfway House to the next tier of our Extended Care Program at The Residence. During the day, residents are able to work or go to school, and in the evenings, our rehabilitation center offers therapy groups for support and encouragement. Our goal is to bring patients back into society, enabling them to learn to live again independently. Patients in this phase of treatment are given more independence and responsibility.

Aftercare at The Addiction Recovery Center

Patients who have made significant progress in their recovery will eventually move into the Sober Living section of The Residence. At this time, they can still receive therapy, nursing, medical and psychiatric services on an as-needed basis. In the process of gaining independence, patients join in Alumni functions and complete the transition from patient to functioning member of society. Most choose to stay involved and help others on their journey by joining our Alumni and Aftercare programs.

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