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Study Fiends? Adderall Addiction In College

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Traditionally, when the words "substance abuse" and "college students" collide in a sentence, the context usually refers to binge drinking or heavy marijuana use. However, since the trend towards prescription drug use has increased with the availability of opioids like Oxycodone, OxyContin and Vicodin, as well as methamphetamines, like Adderall and Benzedrine. We have seen this trend steadily increase as the amount of drugs prescribed to children of all ages for attention deficit disorders have commensurately increased as well. The facts are pretty clear that not only has prescription drug use become a more harmful epidemic among younger demographics, but people are abusing drugs designed to increase concentration and productivity too.

Prescription Drug Abuse

The social acceptability coupled with the easy concealability and size of prescription medications make students prime candidates for Adderall addiction in college. In some studies it seems that Adderall is less stigmatized than even steroid use. Along with the common ADD and ADHD amphetamines, there are other brain boosters that have been gaining popularity in academic and high mental stress careers. Methylphenidates, like Ritalin, and Modofinals, like Provigil, have grown increasingly popular for professionals whose jobs require a high amount of mental concentration and cerebral output. Pursuing these effects comes at a price, since hacking the brain with any substance comes with adverse consequences.

New Wave Of Drugs Being Used

Negative effects of these drugs, even without withdrawal, include irritability, agitation, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and of course abuse, which explains the high probability of Adderall addiction in users. Another facet to this equation of college students plus stress equals possible gravitation to drugs of any kind is the relative ease with which these drugs are procured. Students prescribed the medication can make fast cash by selling their pills for a profit margin that soars above market value. One pill could cost an insured patient $0.30- $0.40, and they can be sold on the street for at least five times that much. Adderall addiction is no joke. The new wave of nootropic drugs that are still in an exploratory phase may be even more prone to abuse and carry more deleterious side effects like vivid nightmares, hallucinations and even comas. Synthetic drugs are firmly planted in the student social demographic, and what can be intended for and even masquerade as a study aid can quickly devolve into an all-out Adderall Addiction in college. If you or someone you know may be abusing these types of medications, please call 1-800-853-1614 for advice and counsel.

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