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Stevie Nicks Cocaine Abuse: Star Reflects on Drug Addicted Past

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Stevie Nicks cocaine use escalated in the 1980′s.  The long time celebrity music artist recently opened up in detail about her addiction to alcohol and drugs during the peak of her music career.

Stevie Nicks Cocaine Abuse

It’s both noble and refreshing when celebrities like Stevie Nicks can be open enough to talk about their cocaine, alcohol, and drug addiction issues.  With her biography entitled,  “Stevie Nicks: Visions, Dreams & Rumours” having just hit stores this month, she recently divulged the consequences of her drug addiction, like spending a whopping $1 million on her coke habit.  Nicks, who is now 66 years old, commented on the matter, saying, “There was no way to get off the white horse and I didn’t want to.”  ABC NEWS claims  a plastic surgeon warned the star if she didn’t stop abusing cocaine and other drugs, then she was putting herself in imminent danger and would die. After being informed, Nicks took this as a necessary wake up call.  Her cocaine use landed her in inpatient rehabilitation at The Betty Ford Center (now known as Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation).

Relationships during drug use

Nicks relationship with men was about as unmanageable as her drug use problem. Before Stevie Nicks headed into treatment, she was involved with band member Mick Fleetwood for the course of two years.  According to the Daily Mail, they were secretly seeing one another for two years in Los Angeles, including 1977 when he was still married to his current wife -model Jenny Boyd.  The affair created a chaotic life for both of them, involving rampant drug use with little to no sleep.  While Stevie Nicks cocaine abuse was still occurring, she had another affair with multi-talented singer and producer Don Henley, who was part of legendary band the Eagles all throughout the 70′s.  Nicks wound up pregnant and made the difficult decision to have an abortion, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Nicks did express in her new book that her greatest heartbreak was Joe Walsh, another singer from the Eagles.  Nicks went into detail about how broken she was after splitting with Walsh because she believed he was the one she was supposed to end up with.  “There was nothing more important than Joe Walsh, not my music, not my songs, not anything,” she expressed.  “I remember days of misery waiting by the phone… With all the drugs, we were a couple on the way to hell. It took me a long, long time to get over it.”

Music industry and drugs

Stevie Nicks was passionate about her music career until she became heavily involved in using cocaine.  Addiction does not discriminate and can leave consequences for any person. Whether there is a relationship between music artists and substance use disorders or not, there does seem to be rampant drug abuse trending in the industry.  Stevie Nicks looks back on a situation in which she wound up making rash decisions and was unable to manage her own life, “We were busy being superstars, and everyone was doing too many drugs.”

Today, Nicks is staying clear of cocaine, but has unfortunately made concerning statements about other substances.  According to ABC News, the star stated, “When I’m writing, I will allow myself to smoke a little bit of pot.  It’s my one little thing that I can do. I use it as a tool, and I’m very careful, you know? And I get results. However, if I thought it was going to lead me back to something worse, I’d stop.”  Although it’s commendable that Stevie Nicks cocaine use has come to a halt, the star should remain vigilant of the fact that a drug is drug.  If an addict strives to have the obsession to use substances lifted, then they should remain abstinent from all mind-altering substances in order to maintain recovery.

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