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Spirituality: Finding Faith In Recovery

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Research in the field of Neuroscience has shown that prayer of sorts can actually take the place that intoxicating substances did. This is not a new concept, the brains of  monks and nuns have been scanned and have shown activity in the pleasure areas where other substances can also have an affect. So, now to take this further, truly embracing spirituality could seriously, keep you in recovery.

Spiritus Contra Spiritum

“Spiritus contra spiritum” is a common quote from Carl Jung. It is a Latin pun that explains the Spirit against the spirits. Alcoholics take this as, drinking spirits to fill the spirit, and they’re probably not far off. As those in recovery are aware, the role of alcohol and drugs seemed to fill a hole. The problem being that the hole is never filled, and often becomes bigger and is unable to be satisfied. The role of treatment is to help an individual find positive ways to fill the hole in their spirit and to not turn to drugs or alcohol for completion.

Keep The Faith

Research has shown that it doesn’t matter what the faith is, or in what form the prayer comes in. Be it a simple utterance for a friend in need or a prayer of meditation. The simple act of acknowledging something bigger than yourself and calling upon it fills the spirit and does it some good. It doesn’t mean that recovering addicts need to join a faith based group; this can also be done solo.

Just as the process of recovery takes some soul searching and introspection, so too, does staying in recovery. This means adopting new ways of completing yourself and making yourself whole. It doesn’t necessarily mean reinventing yourself, but just the parts that looked to drugs or alcohol for wholeness. Why not turn to a higher power of your understanding and look to guidance and even ask the universe for help. Really, what harm could it do?

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  • Coryf777

    Without the spirtual aspect of this program, the success rate for alcoholics and addicts would be severely diminshed. Its critical that the patient open up and except something bigger than themselves. If they are unable to make sence of it because of the intangable nature of what it is, than they shouldn’t be discouraged. Instead they should (I should/you should) accept the fact  that it will never be fully comprehensible, get over it, and take that quitessential leap of faith. Get over yourself.