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Some Now Taking The Spice OUT Of Their Lives – Spice Addiction

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Synthetic marijuana has exploded in popularity in recent years, as many young people are flocking to local smoke shops to purchase the new, legal high. However, because these substances are largely unregulated and are comprised of suspicious ingredients, more and more people are ending up in hospitals and poison control centers after using these substances. One is known as “Spice”. Already, medical professionals are noticing a disturbing trend in people who are abusing these products, as they are watching a growing flow of young users come into their medical offices with severe health issues.


It is now believed that these synthetic substances, which are cleverly labeled “not for human consumption”, can have long lasting effects on a person’s brain. The silver lining is that awareness has now been raised on the potential harm these products can cause. In fact, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people who are seeking medical intervention for an addiction to synthetic marijuana, such as Spice. Seeking help from a medical professional to overcome an addiction is very wise, as long term use of these substances can lead to very serious psychological issues as well as physical complications.

Health Risks

Unfortunately, many young people view the possible health consequences as being minor compared to the promise of a cheap, legal high that they can purchase at their local gas stations. It is vital that we continue to educate the population on the growing threat that these products pose to our society. Doctors and scientists are now learning that addiction to these synthetic substances is very similar to an addiction to methamphetamine’s. What is so scary about synthetic marijuana is that it is being produced by people who have no regulations and very little training, if any, in chemistry.


Some of the negative side effects to using this drug include excessive sweating, irritation, speech impediment, and agitation. It is now estimated that one in every nine teenagers has tried synthetic marijuana in the past year. This is a very troubling trend, as young people have no idea the harm they could potentially do to their bodies if they become addicted to these substances. In 2010, there were about 3,500 hundred cases of synthetic marijuana overdoses reported to poison control centers. Last year, the number of calls doubled. While some states have begun to outlaw these dangerous products, there is still no federal law on the books prohibiting their sale and production. Hopefully, the medical community will be able to precisely inform the public on the exact dangers these synthetic drugs pose to our nation. The more people are educated about the threat that synthetic marijuana poses, the less likely people will be to use them. Drug addiction treatment centers are becoming much more aware of the toll these drugs are having on people.

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  • Tom Addiction Specialist
     This stuff is serious! Some other health risks that they are starting to notice
    as well are: Hyperventilation, increased mood swings, heart attack, possible
    stroke, hallucinations, tics- involuntary movements, nausea/vomiting, high
    rates of addiction similar to meth, cocaine, and opiates, prolonged
    headaches/migraines lasting for days after consumption, severe paranoia leading
    to brash or malicious acts, increased heart rate, physical addiction, heroin-like
    withdraw symptoms, bloody nose, convolutions, seizures, death.
     My son is addicted to spice and I dont know what to do to help him, where to seek help for him or who to call, do I just take him to a regular dr. for help?
    Tom Addiction Specialist
     Hi Worriedmom,
    Many Doctors suggest to just stop doing drugs or drinking. Although, this is something that needs to be done when trying to get clean, a medical detox is usually needed. Stopping cold turkey can sometimes lead to death. Also, if your son is doing more than he may be telling you (which sometimes may be the case) you will want to make sure he gets the proper help he needs for his addiction. My suggestion, call our help line and talk with one of our trained specialist at 1-888-510-2481. Addiction is real and as with any treatment, you want to provide him with the best chance at a real recovery.  I hope you take this opportunity to contact us and thank you for reaching out! You may also