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SoberStock 2015: 11th Annual Sober Fun Event Hosted in Florida

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SoberStock 2015 was this past weekend!  The 11th annual sober fun event was a huge hit for recovering alcoholics and their families as they gathered to rejoice and celebrate life in sobriety.

SoberStock Rocks

The SoberStock weekend celebration was held this past Friday, March 13 through Sunday, March 15 near Tampa Florida.  The event was planned as a pun on legendary Woodstock, except it was to be centered on the celebration of life and sobriety, straying away from active addiction to alcohol.  The entire weekend was a camp out for Alcoholics Anonymous members and their families. There were recovered alcoholics that also spoke at the event to share their experience, strength, and hope at the campground the entire weekend!  The event had live music featured by Open Mic, Dave Hintz, Second Chance, Break, Grateful Road, Orlino Rocks, Ari and the Alibis, Wicked, and the Mitch Clark Band.  On top of all the scheduled meetings, there were barbecues, campfires, open jams, grace, karaoke, and even Al-Anon/Alateen meetings held this year.  With these fun events going on, there was also time for soccer, volleyball, football, and catch-and-release fishing for those who had acceptable fishing licenses.

Alcoholics are not a glum lot

Entering the process of recovery after being active in the disease of alcoholism may seem scary, but with events like SoberStock planned, alcoholics are given the ability to see how fun sobriety can be.  It’s important to realize that life doesn’t sporadically stop when alcoholics put down the drink. Events like SoberStock bring the sober community together to show strong camaraderie.  SoberStock highlights how, despite differences like race, gender, ethnicity, or social background, alcoholics still share their common bond of alcoholism and recovery letting them know they are not alone.

Don’t forget to save the date for next year’s 12th Annual SoberStock: March 11 – 13, 2016!

Are you still feeling glum and unable to enjoy events like SoberStock because you can’t seem to put the drink down?  Take the first step by contacting The Addiction Recovery Center for help now.  Alcoholism is a disease that can take a toll on the mind and body but you don’t have to go on suffering.  Call to begin the recovery process so that you can experience the freedom you’ve been longing for.

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