Stop BCBS of FL from Discriminating against Mental Health Patients & Addicts

Do you suffer from addiction?

Does someone you care about suffer from the disease of addiction?

What if you or your loved one couldn’t get treatment because an insurance company didn’t think it was medically necessary?

What if we told you that it’s already happening?

Don’t let BCBS of Florida discriminate against Mental Health Patients! Sign the petition now!

By late 2011, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (BCBS FL) terminated many of its contracts with mental health and addiction service professionals in Florida and joined forces with New Directions Behavioral Health, turning over the management of the mental health and substance use benefits, bringing in less desirable contracts.

As a result, those who are suffering from addiction and who need help receive limited access to the care they deserve. Many psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers’ contracts were terminated through this agreement, but were invited to reapply with New Directions – provided that they accept lower reimbursement rates, and abide by restrictions on referring patients to care. Although BCBS FL isn’t explaining why these changes were made, their actions may be violating the new federal Mental Health Parity law that prohibits discrimination against mental health and substance abuse patients.

What can be expected?

We will see a decline in people seeking help for substance abuse and addiction; many will drop out of treatment or even cut back on their out patient programs because of restrictions and costs.

Addiction is a disease and not a choice. Addicts and alcoholics need and deserve the same level of care that a patient with cancer would get. They should not be singled out just because an insurance company doesn’t feel it’s medically necessary to treat it the right way.

What will happen?

If insurance companies continue to play doctor with people’s lives, we as a society will continue to see people die at an even faster rate. Emergency Rooms will become overpopulated with overdose cases, as well as drug and alcohol related accidents. The volume of social problems will rise as a direct result of untreated addiction due to the inaccessibility of adequate treatment.

Addicts and alcoholics are people, too! They suffer from a disease and deserve the same amount of care as anyone else with a disorder or disease.

What you can do?

Tell the administration and Congress: Don’t let BCBS of FL discriminate against mental health patients and addicts!

Be heard! Click here and sign the petition today.


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