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Resources: Residential Drug Rehab Treatment

Residential Drug Rehab Treatment

Short-term residential drug rehab treatment was not originally intended for the treatment of drug addiction. In fact, it was intended as a treatment for alcohol abuse until the 1980’s during the cocaine abuse outbreak. Short-term residential drug rehab treatment originally was based in a hospital setting and lasted from 3 to 6 weeks. You might be wondering why we are giving a history of residential drug rehab treatment when you need help today. We mention this brief history so that you can realize the opportunities that are available to you with residential drug rehab treatment today. We mention this history so that you can see that overcoming your addiction is a possibility with the advancements in drug treatment.

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Long-Term Residential Drug Rehab Treatment

As residential drug rehab treatment advanced and changed, so did the length of the treatment. What was once a treatment that could last up to 6 weeks became something that lasted for around 30 days. However, for you, this may not be enough time to effectively overcome your addiction. You may need long-term residential drug rehab treatment. Long-term residential drug rehab treatment can last 90 days or longer depending on the severity and nature of your addiction. It is also intended more for individuals who are coping with multiple addictions and/or mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. You may need more time to fight your mental and physical addiction to drugs because you have been addicted to drugs for a long time. If this is the case, you basically have to learn how to live your life again. If you need long-term drug rehab treatment to overcome your addiction, call The Addiction Recovery Center at 1-888-510-2481.

Holistic Residential Drug Treatment

Residential drug rehab treatment may have concentrated mostly on medical treatments as these treatments were offered in a hospital setting, residential treatment today is much different. Not only has the way in which treatment is offered changed but also so has the approaches to treatment. You can enroll in holistic residential drug rehab treatment. Where as traditional drug treatments focus on your mental and physical addiction, holistic treatments focus on you as a whole person. Holistic residential drug rehab treatment embraces the belief that your body, mind, and spirit need to be treated as whole for recovery to be an option. When you are treated and promoted as a whole, you become a healthier person. When you become a healthier person, you are more capable of learning to live without drugs. Call The Addiction Recovery Center at 1-888-510-2481 to begin healing as a whole.

Traditional Residential Treatment

The most effective residential drug rehab treatment combines holistic approaches with traditional approaches. Traditional drug treatment refers to the counseling sessions, detoxification, psychodynamic approaches, dual diagnosis etc. Traditional residential drug rehab treatment approaches see your drug addiction as disease that can be overcome through learning new behaviors. Traditional therapies approach treatment in such a way that you learn new social, physical, and mental ways of dealing with life without drugs. Traditional residential drug rehab treatment programs acknowledge that you do have a physical and mental addiction to drugs and, moreover, they acknowledge that your addiction to drugs has affected everyone that you love through offering you family treatment.

You will find that we offer traditional/psychodynamic residential drug rehab treatment programs at The Addiction Recovery Center because we understand that your drug addiction has affected you mentally and physically. These things need to be addressed in your treatment so you can attain lasting sobriety. Every aspect of your addiction must be addressed including any mental health issues you may have. We offer you these treatments in an individualized treatment plan that has been built around your specific drug addiction needs.

Effective Residential Drug Rehab Treatment Combines Approaches

As we stated in the very beginning of this article, originally, residential drug treatment was intended for alcohol abuse alone. However, through the years, with advancements in medicine and as we learned more about drug and alcohol addiction, we have realized that effective residential drug rehab treatment is actually a combination of holistic and traditional approaches. Effective residential treatment is one that addresses you as a whole while helping you to overcome the individual aspects of your addiction. This is the only way you can experience true healing and lasting sobriety.

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