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Resources: Residential Alcohol Rehab Center

Residential Alcohol Rehab Center

Are you in denial about your alcohol addiction? We at The Addiction Recovery Center want to help you, but we can only do so after you make the first move and call us. Your dependency on alcohol can easily spiral out of control and ruin precious relationships. It can even cut your life short. Every alcoholic will need to go into a residential alcohol rehab center in order to get the best chance at recovery. Why is this?

Part of the answer lies in the nature of alcoholism. It is a tough addiction that can usually not be beaten without professional assistance. The withdrawal symptoms that come with detoxification offer another good reason to go into one of the residential alcohol rehab centers, because withdrawal is unpleasant and can be dangerous.

If you are dependent on alcohol, get in touch with The Addiction Recovery Center. Our residential alcohol rehab center can offer you a way out of your addiction and a path into healing. Seek help for your addiction today. Call us now at 1-888-510-2481.

Private Alcohol Rehab

Set in Florida, our facility offers you the best in private alcohol rehab. Your security and confidentiality are of great importance to us, and we do our best to protect our patients from outside influences. You can enter our residential alcohol rehab center with the utmost confidence, knowing that you will be treated well and in a private setting.

Your comfort is also important at The Addiction Recovery Center. The way we see things, you must have emotional security before you can make much progress in the way of recovery. While we cannot fix all your problems for you, we give you a warm, safe atmosphere where you can honestly examine your alcoholism, its causes, and its effects on your life. Our residential alcohol rehab center is that safe place. You don’t have to live this way for another day. Call us right now at 1-888-510-2481.


The staff is all you could ask for at any residential alcohol rehab center! Since our beginnings, The Addiction Recovery Center has offered a compassionate, knowledgeable staff that knows how to handle every step of alcohol addiction. Our counselors can help you with family counseling and group counseling along with the individual sessions you will take. We are proud of our therapists and the heart they bring to their work day after day.

Dual Diagnosis

The residential alcohol rehab center at The Addiction Recovery Center is licensed to treat people who have received a dual diagnosis. This occurs when alcoholism and another disorder or addiction appear in the same person. Some common dual diagnoses include alcohol and depression, alcohol and drug addiction, and alcohol and sleep disorders. Your dual diagnosis is not a reason to go into despair. At our residential alcohol rehab center, you can come through this trying time of your life.

Those with dual diagnoses may have a longer path to recovery, but they can recover! In our residential alcohol rehab center, you will be given the best possible treatment, no matter what your problems. If you have a dual diagnosis, let us give you the help you need. To begin recovering, you must first start your treatment. Give us a call at 1-888-510-2481.

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