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Quit Smoking In Recovery: Living Smoke-Free

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If you want to quit smoking, we have a solution. Quitting smoking for many addicts and alcoholics in recovery is difficult. Some say it was harder to do than quitting their drugs or drinking. The fact of the matter is that any addiction can be difficult to quit on your own. With the right amount of support, resources, and tools, many find themselves successful at quitting smoking, drugging, and drinking long term. In the preceding articles, we discussed preparing to quit in "Quitting Smoking In Recovery: Getting Prepared", and then actually quitting in "Quitting Smoking In Recovery: What To Expect". Now we are going to discuss what it's like after a few weeks and even months nicotine free. 

Quit Smoking & Be Smoke-Free

At this stage of putting down the cigarettes, you will notice a significant change in your behavior as well as your recovery. The emotional rollercoaster may start to level out a little more. You will feel less of the symptoms of withdrawal and you will start to notice that you don't think about smoking as much. Your sleeping habits will improve, you may start to notice an increase in energy, and your wallet seems a little thicker. Congrats, you not only quit smoking, but you are well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. 

It Gets Better

As a result of your efforts towards a smoke-free life, you start to feel a part of something bigger. You begin to notice how your recovery sky rocketed to a whole new place. The growing pains of quitting and sticking to your program has enabled you to be of maximum service to your Higher Power and your fellow addicts and alcoholics. When you speak or share in the rooms, you explain how the obsession to use has been lifted far beyond your drug and alcohol abuse. The miracle of being able to let go of an addiction to cigarettes not only changes your perception, but also those around you. You start to realize that quitting smoking wasn't just for you but, also so that you could show others how you did it. You now are able to give others hope in quitting too. 

Don't Pick Up

There will be moments where picking up a cigarette and smoking will sound like the best thing to do. There will appear to be many reasons why you think you should have one or even deserve one: the boyfriend/girlfriend left, you lost your house, your car doesn't work, (potential) weight gain, ad infinitum. The reality is, none of them are good enough reasons to slowly die over. The idea that you can even have one has to be smashed. There is nothing in this world that a cigarette will cure, fix, or help. If smoking could take away pain, fix life issues, or solve all your problems, the world would be smoking. We must treat cigarettes just as we would our alcohol or drugs. Its an addiction that will cause consequences, take you away from true freedom, and eventually kill you and possibly those around you. 

Did you quit smoking or are you quitting nicotine? Keep us posted by writing a comment to this Blog or visiting us on and share your experience, strength, and hope with others! 

Written by: Recovery Gal


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