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Quick Hangover Cure: Doctor Relieves Symptoms for Patients

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Quick Hangover CureWould you believe it if you heard that there was a doctor that specifically treats hangovers?  It’s true! The IV Doctor is a brand new service that began in New York just this past December.  Dr. Elliot Nadelson is a urologist who moved forward with his idea of The IV Doctor service that takes appointments to provide a quick hangover cure for those who have engaged in excessive drinking the prior night.  Many people are raving about the dramatic difference they feel, as they don’t suffer from vision distress, headaches, and unbearable nausea as a result of their over-intoxication.

Quick Hangover Cure: The Doctor Is In

Dr. Nadelson had originally teamed up with his son Adam, who also has a background in surgery.  Now, The IV Doctor is said to be composed of over 60 nurses combined.  The service treats hungover patients intravenously to relieve them of most of their negative symptoms and provide a quick hangover “cure”.  The treatment restores the body almost to its normal state, or at least with very minimal side effects.  Because of all the medications that are used, the price of this alleged quick hangover cure treatment tallies up to $249, which is why it has been more popular for the wealthy – Princesses from foreign countries and Olympic trainees to name a few.

This treatment is said to be so popular because hard workers can go out for a night of hard drinking, and not have to worry about the morning-after side effects.  No consequences for a night of drinking?  This sounds alluring, but it sure makes you wonder how often people would be drinking if they knew they could afford to have no side effects in the days to come.

This “cure” brings many questions to mind. Could chronic use of this treatment be the warning sign for a yet-to-be recognized alcoholic? Or a way to prolong the functional alcoholic seeking treatment due to a lack of physical symptoms from their binges? Before or during this treatment, is there any warning as to what could result due to excessive drinking?  This quick hangover cure seems to promote the drinking, as the business thrives off anyone who has consumed alcohol and does not want the nasty hangover effects tagged along with it.  With word of mouth spreading, more people are opting to seek this medical treatment of a hangover.  Does this mean  excessive drinking will be grow to be even more popular, knowing there is now a real quick hangover cure?

More Than Just A Quick Hangover Cure

Dr. Nadelson claims that there is more to The IV Doctor is more than just a quick hangover cure.  The IV Doctor also aids people suffering from food poisoning and the flu, though treatments for a hangover seem to be the most popular.  There isn’t much competition in this field with this kind of specific treatment, except for Las Vegas, Nevada, where there is a place open 24/7 with treatment prices up to $239 for the treatment of a vicious hangover on-site, or up to an extra $300 for a hotel room service treatment.  As for The IV Doctor, they originated in New York among those who could afford it, but now have plans to expand to Chicago within the next couple of months. It’s definitely interesting to see how far science has come, seeing as society has made excessive drinking and getting drunk popular enough for doctors to come up with a hangover treatment.  Hopefully this will do more good rather than stir up trouble for binge-drinkers, alcoholics, or even recovering alcoholics.  If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, seek help from The Addiction Recovery Center today. The best hangover cure is to not excessively drink at all.

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