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The Treatment Philosophy

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Our Passion

At The Addiction Recovery Center, our passion is helping addicts and alcoholics recover from the grip of addiction. Our mission is to help you get clean and sober and stay that way. During your treatment, we promise to do all we can during your recovery process to maximize your potential for life-long happiness in sobriety. Your comfort, safety and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. We believe in treating every patient with dignity and respect. We make every effort to ensure that each of our patients’ needs are met in an atmosphere that promotes hope and support in recovery. We believe that addicts and alcoholics can and do recover from addiction!


Your Relationships

Our dedicated staff understands that many facets of life are affected by substance abuse and it is our objective to illuminate what, and who is being impacted. It is our goal to provide you with services that meet your individual needs and preferences to the best of our ability. Rebuilding relationships that have been torn apart by addiction is a major aspect of the healing process. We hope that loved ones of those struggling with addiction will take advantage of our family care programs that are designed to educate loved ones about addiction as well as address any damage that has been done in relationships because of addiction.


Your Life

As one of the leading addiction treatment facilities in the country, we stick by our belief that alcohol and drug addiction is a disease that is possible to recover from. Throughout the treatment process, we are constantly evaluating and structuring each patients’ customized plan in a way that promotes positive outcomes. Our primary focus is on the restoration of the lives of patients and their families. We have seen thousands of people recover when they take advantage of our wealth of knowledge and expertise. We equip all of our patients with the tools to live their lives free of substance abuse. Take your life back and restore relationships.