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Treatment Programs: Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization Program

partial hospitalization

There is no “one size fits all” model for treating people with drug and alcohol addiction. Treating addiction requires a team approach with assistance from doctors, counselors, psychologists and other specialists. The Addiction Recovery Center has a plan for our patient’s long term recovery: our Extended Care program at The Addiction Recovery Center Apartments.

The Addiction Recovery Center treatment team and the patient decide when the time is right to take the next step in returning to independent living. Initially, Watershed patients will move from in-patient to day treatment while living at The Addiction Recovery Center Apartments.

During the day, patients attend counseling and therapy activities as well as receive care from physicians and nurses. In the evening, they are able to attend community recovery groups and structured activities. Our goal is to bring patients back into society, enabling them to learn to live again. Patients in this phase of treatment are given more independence and responsibility.

As a step down from the Residential program, the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides on-going therapeutic intensity and structure for continued recovery. PHP allows an individual to receive intensive treatment during the day and practice recovery skills while living in a supportive structured environment.

Partial hospitalization provides an opportunity to test, in community life, the lessons learned in the treatment program. A supportive and safe environment encourages self-care and enhances motivation for recovery.

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The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs are “Gold Seal” accredited through The Joint Commission. The Addiction Recovery Center is licensed by The State of Florida (FL) Department of Children and Families to perform addiction and substance abuse detoxification for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, drug treatment, alcohol rehabilitation, and drug rehab levels of treatment with intensive inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehab, as well as prevention services.

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Drug Addiction Treatment
The Addiction Recovery Center offers medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for chemical dependencies such as drug and alcohol addiction. This can include street drugs, prescription medications and alcohol. Our treatment centers provide a positive environment to help addicts deal with the physical and physiological dependencies, as well as the detox process.

As a patient, our team of qualified professionals will help you with your personal recovery plan that is based on the proven methods of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy; combined with the time tested 12-Step program of AA and NA.

You will receive intensive structured care with the proper support system in place to ensure a successful recovery. You will be introduced to a 12-step fellowship and can attend daily 12-step support group meeting in house and within the community. We promise to care for you and treat you with dignity as you heal your heart, mind and soul.