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Oxyana Documentary: OxyContin Abuse In Oceana, WV

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Oceana, West Virginia, is the home of the new documentary titled “Oxyana.” OxyContin has been a growing concern for residents in WV and now with the Oxyana on the screen, it seems to be bringing the epidemic to the surface.  In his new documentary, director Sean Dunne explores the devastating role of prescription drug abuse in a small town.

Oxyana: Prescription Pill Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is not just for those in large cities, it can and does affect anyone, anywhere, which is why this documentary is so powerful. It’s difficult to hide the OxyContin abuse when it’s being filmed in a real town with real people. Although Oxyana may have disrupted the small town of Oceana’s reputation, it certainly has shed more light on the prescription drug problem we are facing as a nation. We can either choose to continue to ignore it, or do something about it.

OxyCotin Addiction

Sean Dunne expressed a profound truth “These stories needed to be seen; they needed to be heard. Residents who were once talented, charismatic, hardworking, God fearing, normal people have been reduced to nothing by the uncontrollable lure of this pill. There are high school girls with $800/day habits and families, who literally can’t provide food for their children, yet have full prescription bottles.”

Although the documentary may be raw and almost crippling with depressing facts, it’s not just Oceana that has been affected by the prescription pill abuse epidemic. OxyCotin abuse is and has been slowly killing our nation and our society. Until we look at the hard facts and become not only aware of the state of the nation as a result of pain pills, we will never be able to change things. Oxyana, as well as other documentaries like “Hitting Rock Bottom,” really help spread the word that drug addiction is real, it’s not going away by ignoring it, and something needs to be done about it.

If you or someone you know is struggling with OxyCotin abuse or prescription drug addiction, give us a call today at 1-888-510-2481.

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