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Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

The Addiction Recovery Center offers affordable drug treatment and alcohol rehab to individuals suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. We are a leading drug and alcohol rehab center that provides personalized substance abuse therapy programs, tailored by experts to meet your individual drug rehabilitation needs. Our drug and alcohol detox center, dual diagnosis rehab, and addiction treatment programs utilize the most effective techniques to restore you or your loved one’s health and happiness.

We have combined excellence and compassion with all the necessary disciplines to address the disease of addiction in a drug rehab center to help you achieve recovery. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective drug and alcohol treatment with the highest level of care. You have many options when choosing a drug rehab or alcohol treatment center. We feel that by maintaining affordable addiction treatment services combined with the best quality care, we will be able to reach more individuals suffering from this life threatening disease.

Give yourself or a loved one the chance to beat drug addiction or alcoholism at the best drug and alcohol rehab center. You can afford treatment at The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs. We can help you, no matter how desperate your situation may be. We provide quality addiction treatment you can afford. More importantly, can you afford not to…

To speak with one of our trained alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation referral counselors, call our 24-Hour Addiction Helpline at 1-888-510-2481.

Is your teen or loved one’s behavior worrying you?
Please see our dictionary of slang drug terms, and our comprehensive list of symptoms to better understand your loved one’s drug addiction.

The Addiction Recovery Center: Drug Rehabilitation Center

The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs drug rehab facility is Florida (FL) state licensed with qualified professionals trained in substance abuse rehab.

As a recognized leading drug treatment provider of medical detoxification and drug and alcohol rehabilitation; our goal is to ensure that you receive the care and support necessary for you to find your way out of the nightmare that drugs and alcohol have caused you and your family.

Our drug rehabs and inpatient alcohol treatment centers in Florida (FL, FLA), offer the level of drug and alcohol treatment necessary to treat your chemical dependency.

These drug treatment programs include:

The Addiction Recovery Center drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs offer chemical dependency education, drug and alcohol detox, family and group therapy, addiction counseling, and psychiatric and psychological care. We are a residential drug rehab and inpatient alcohol treatment center that is committed to helping you attain lasting sobriety.

Now is the time to start living a clean and sober life. Contact The Addiction Recovery Center now. Call our 24 hour drug helpline at 1-888-510-2481.

Drug Rehab Center and Alcohol Treatment Help

Online Assessment

Do I drink too much? Am I an alcoholic? Am I addicted to drugs? Do I take too many prescription painkillers? Am I a prescription pill addict? Am I addicted to oxycontin™? Am I addicted to Xanax™? Am I addicted to heroin? Am I a cocaine addict? Am I addicted to crystal meth? Have I lost control of my drug use? Is my friend or family member suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse and need help? If you have asked yourself any of these questions and you are still not sure if you or someone you love needs help, then you should take our free and confidential am I addicted quiz and online assessment.

Symptoms of Addiction

Drug abuse, also known as substance abuse, involves the excessive and repeated use of chemical substances to achieve a certain effect. These chemicals may be “street” or “illicit” drugs, and are illegal due to their high potential for addiction and abuse. They also may be drugs obtained with a prescription, used for pleasure rather than for medical reasons. If you would like to know more about the disease of drug addiction, how to spot drug abuse or alcoholism, check out our comprehensive list of Symptoms. You could save a life!

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Do you have more questions about substance abuse and chemical dependency? Are you wondering which drug treatment center or alcohol rehab facility is right for you? Are you trying to find the best drug and alcohol detox rehab center for you or a loved one? Do you want more drug rehab information? Chat now with a Watershed alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation referral counselor live on the web! Click here!

What is a Watershed?

“A watershed is a defining moment of insight and clarity
where healing begins and lives are reclaimed.”

The Addiction Recovery Center is recognized as a leading inpatient alcohol treatment center and drug treatment provider offering medical alcohol rehabilitation, alcohol detox, drug detox, and drug rehabilitation for those suffering from the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction.

If you are in need of an alcohol rehabilitation center or drug rehab facility that offers the best alcohol treatment and affordable drug treatment, then The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs can help you. Watershed patients receive an unprecedented level of care by highly skilled professionals who know how to help people find long-term recovery.

It is our goal that every patient has an opportunity to experience that watershed moment. The Addiction Recovery Center mission is to provide the best and most cost effective treatment to people and families affected by the diseases of addiction, alcoholism and mental illness.
At The Addiction Recovery Center, we believe in loving the addict back to health. Read about our alcohol rehab center and drug addiction treatment centers, as well as alcoholism and drug treatment programs.

Call our drug addiction and alcoholism helpline at 1-888-510-2481 for immediate assistance.

Addiction Treatment Centers of Distinction

The Addiction Recovery Center is recognized as a premier drug rehabilitation center in medical drug and alcohol detox (detoxification), and is an outstanding substance abuse treatment provider for affordable drug rehab in florida. We serve those with an alcohol problem, or those in need of a safe medical alcohol and drug detox rehab center.

More importantly, we offer the best inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our alcohol and drug treatment centers offer the most effective care in alcohol treatment, alcohol rehab and other drug rehab specialties in addiction medicine, including dual diagnosis, medical detox and co-occurring disorder treatment. The Addiction Recovery Center drug treatment center programs have helped over 25,000 patients recover from drug abuse and alcoholism. Our staff of highly trained addiction professionals includes psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychologists, nurses, and therapists.

At The Addiction Recovery Center, we have created the optimal environment for an alcohol and drug detox rehab center with the best care you will find in a drug and alcohol rehab facility. We offer a safe medical detox from alcohol and other drugs such as methadone, as well as detox and drug treatment for addiction to prescription drugs.

As a leading addiction treatment center, The Addiction Recovery Center offers drug detox for prescription pills abuse and addiction. Our drug detox and drug center can help those suffering from dependency to xanax™, oxycontin™, benzodiazepines™ and other painkillers, with a safe medical detox followed by a residential drug rehab program. Teen prescription pills addiction is a dangerous problem facing parents and society today.

Teenage prescription drug abuse and alcohol treatment can be treated in our teen drug rehab program. The Addiction Recovery Center will help you find long term recovery from the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism. We can help you find the best drug rehab program for you or your loved one. Call our 24 hour alcohol and drug addiction helpline at 1-888-510-2481.


The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs are “Gold Seal” accredited through The Joint Commission.

We are a drug rehab center licensed by The State of Florida (FL) Department of Children and Families to perform addiction and substance abuse detoxification for alcohol addiction and drug addiction, drug treatment, alcohol rehabilitation, drug rehab levels of treatment together with intensive residential inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, in addition to prevention services.


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Drug and Alcohol treatment Center Information
The Addiction Recovery Center can help you successfully and safely detox from drug or alcohol addiction, and offer you effective treatment at our addiction treatment centers.

We will teach you how to find recovery from the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction. We are here to help you get sober and stay sober.

Drug Abuse and Alcoholism are diseases that affect every city, town and county in America; it affects teens, adults, males, females, and families. Alcohol and drug treatment can save your life!

The Addiction Recovery Center can help you with:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Drug Abuse
  • Alcohol Treatment
  • Alcohol Detox
  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug Addiction
  • Drug Rehab
  • Drug Addiction Treatment
  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Drug Detox
  • Teen drug Abuse
  • Co-Occurring disorder treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Opiates Detox
  • Prescription Drug Abuse