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North Carolina NC Drug Rehab

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NC Drug Rehab and Treatment Programs

NC Drug Rehab

There are many drug rehabilitation centers that offer rehab treatment for those living in North Carolina. These treatment centers deal with the most popular drugs currently being  abused such as cocaine, prescription pain killers, heroin, club drugs, and alcohol.

A good treatment center should offer patients two types of addiction treatment programs providing inpatient and outpatient care for either the long term or the short term depending on the individual’s dependency to a given drug. Short term stays are normally from one to six months, and long term care can be from six months to a year. Outpatient programs are highly recommended after an individual has completed an inpatient program. They provide advice and therapy that ensure the patient is progressing in recovery from their addiction and not regressing into old habits.

It is strongly recommended that individuals seeking to end their addiction to drugs undergo a medically supervised detox treatment conducted by specialized medical and psychiatric professionals before the treatment for the actual addiction starts. The purpose and focus of the detox program is to purge the patient’s system of the drug prior to the treatment for the addiction.

With the help, love and support of family and friends and through the guidance of the professionals at rehabilitation centers and programs offered in North Carolina, the recovering substance abuser is very likely to stick with their recovery program and will avoid temptations and another visit to a rehabilitation facility.

It is important to find the best rehabilitation program that fits your needs. If you have questions or trouble making a decision which is the drug rehabilitation program for you please contact The Addiction Recovery Center. Their staff is experienced in matching your needs with the best treatment center for you. With the Watershed staff’s vast knowledge of the addiction treatment services, you will feel more comfortable with your choice. Call our toll free addiction helpline NOW at 1-888-510-2481 (staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week) or visit us at for assistance and allow us locate a rehabilitation program that will make a difference in your life.