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New Years Resolution: Attending An Inpatient Rehab

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Each year on January 1, millions of people vow to make changes to their lives; New Years resolutions have begun. Many people visualize the beginning of the New Year as a clean slate to make a new impression or take new direction. Most of these resolutions go by the wayside in a month or so when these once resolute individuals come to the realization that dramatically changing your life is not always a simple one-step process. Positive change comes from commitment and effort over a period of time. That’s not to say that change cannot start now; there is no better time than the present to make positive changes in your life. This is also a time that many addicts and alcoholics strive to get the help they deserve through inpatient rehab programs. If you are struggling with addiction, 2013 can be the year your life turns around.

Why Choose Inpatient Rehab?

As humans, one of our biggest shortcomings is our pride in ourselves.  Many people will refuse help offered from others because in their mind they believe they are strong enough to face any problem on their own.  The truth is we’re much stronger when we work together and support each other.  Inpatient rehab gives anyone struggling with addiction an opportunity to be surrounded by people who not only want to help and support them, but have been through the same problem themselves and can offer expert advice.  Treatment at a rehab facility removes the addict from the environment in which they habitually use drugs or alcohol and places them in a safe, relaxing facility where they can concentrate on rehabilitation and sobriety.

Rehab Is Like Prison

There are many people who are skeptical of rehab facilities because they assume they operate like prisons where they will have no freedom.  That's far from the truth, rehab treatment centers operate to help people to free themselves from the prison of addiction.  There are no bars on the windows or any sort of mandatory length of time a person is forced to stay, even if they sign up for a two month program, they will be allowed to leave at any time they choose. These programs exist to benefit individuals who desire to change their lives for the better.

Fear Of Being Stuck In Rehab

“If rehab isn’t a prison, why do I hear so many stories of people being forced to stay?”

A good addiction treatment center will attempt to deter their patients from leaving early through conversation and intervention, encouraging patients to complete their program. Those who go to treatment are going for a reason. The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. It is the only disease that tells the addict and alcoholic that they are better and do not need help. Many people get scared and want to leave early because they believe they can handle life without drugs and alcohol or because the desire to use or drink is stronger than the desire to stay clean and sober. If an addict or alcoholic could get better simply through detox or 10 days in a rehab, extended treatment programs would not exist. If drugs and alcohol were the only problem, then removing the substance should be the “cure”. Considering simply removing substances does not resolve the issue, and more specifically the desire to use, it can be concluded (and is medically proven) that the problem exists in the brain, which takes time to heal. Anyone who has worked long and hard in the field of addiction understands this problem and will do their best to help those who feel like “jumping ship” to continue their journey in recovery. The addict didn’t become addicted overnight; it's unrealistic to believe that they will recover overnight, too.

New Year’s is believed to be a time of new beginnings, and even though we should treat each day as a day to better ourselves and our communities, 2013 is a great time to start.  For most, quitting drinking or using drugs is not as easy as just waking up one day and stopping.  It will not only take time and commitment to change old habits, it will also take help and support from others.  If you are struggling with addiction, don’t take it on by yourself.  Reach out and get involved in a rehabilitation program, where you are provided with all of the tools and resources you need to help you get past addiction and make 2013 the start of your sobriety. The greatest investment you can make this year is the investment into a new life. Invest in your future today; call for more information on inpatient rehabs now: 1-888-510-2481.

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