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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Be Creative

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“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” – Julia Cameron 

Be Creative Meditation

How true the above quote really is for those of us who have tried to discover ourselves in recovery. Many of us were able to tap into talents that had been long forgotten while some of us found new creative outlets in which we saw we were good at. Being creative through art, writing, music, or any other talents has helped those of us in recovery take our program to an even more profound level.

When we allow ourselves complete freedom to be creative without fear, control, or worry we saw that this helped us to let go of much of our convictions on how we thought things should be. We saw we were present and in the moment, leaving all those big worldly problems outside our creative time. We learned how to surrender our will to the moment and let go of expectations.  Many of us saw how being creative allowed us to be free.

The trick is to allow ourselves to make mistakes and get messy. When we bring fear and control into our creative outlet, we found that what we were trying to create does not turn out the way want it to.  We get frustrated and sometimes just give up. If we take those frustrations as a learning experience, we found that when we let go of expectations, stay in the moment, and not control; our creativity just flowed and we made masterpieces.

Being creative not only allows us to meditate in such a way that only we connect with our passions, but it also allows us to apply those same principles to our everyday lives and situations. Life can be messy and when we let go of controlling it, it’s seems to just flow into a masterpiece that even if we tried to create, we could not. Let today be the day that you allow yourself to lose control and be creative. Keep calm & create on!

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Written By: Recovery Gal

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