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Motivational Meditation Monday: Hope

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“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” 

― Bil Keane


Recovery gives us the ability to stay in the present. It gives us the opportunity to accept who and what we are. So many times have we reflected on the past and relived it, either in glory or in pain. When we live in the past we end up putting a hold on what beauty the future can hold. We also tend to forget what our present has to offer. The longer we stay clean and sober the more we begin to see how deadly living in the past and future can be. In order to continue on our journey in recovery we must let go of selfish thinking and give hope to other alcoholics and addicts instead.

Although we may feel at times that the things we have experienced or have gone through, inside and out of recovery, are the worst, we realize in talking to another addict/alcoholic, that we are not alone.  We begin to see how our past can benefit us in helping others. We see that helping others with our experience makes us feel useful and happy. We notice that we are becoming part of the solution and less of the problem. We see how we give hope just by living in the present with gratitude.

When we are ready to spew anger, venom, or displeasure with life. When we start to live in past regret or boast of how important we once were. When we fear about the future and complain about out current affairs we are forgetting that there are those out there that are just trying to get clean and sober, there are people out there that have it worse, that just want to die. We must remove our selfish thinking and place our energy in positive actions and thoughts. Treat today like a gift because there is someone who needs your hope. 

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