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Miley Cyrus Posts Racy Photo Of Jodie Sweetin On Instagram

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If you follow Miley Cyrus on social media, chances are you have seen her outrageous Instagram account where she loves to post pictures of nudity, drugs, and other off-the-wall, random stuff. Recently, she posted a picture of former “Full House” child star, and now “Fuller House” actress, Jodie Sweetin, during a time when she was in active drug addiction.

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Why is everyone upset over the Jodie Sweetin photo?

The photo in itself isn’t terrible, but for those of us who have recovered from drug addiction and alcoholism, the suggested meaning behind it is downright insulting. Because making a joke about someone’s painful struggle through addiction is funny, right Miley?

If you take a moment to check out Miley Cyrus’s Instagram (although we think you might like Jodie Sweetin’s IG better), you can’t help but wonder if Miley is struggling with a drug addiction problem. Only time will tell if she really does have a problem, but it’s interesting that she came back into the spotlight for her outrageous show and musical performances only to now become more popular for her outrageous behaviors off the stage.

Does anyone know what her latest song even is or does anyone really care? Have we even seen her in the media attending any events? It seems like she is now only famous for drugs and sexualized photos. I mean, there is her “Happy Hippie Foundation” which was designed to help the homeless LGBT community, which is great, except she actively promotes being high, and many homeless youth also suffer from drug addiction issues, so is she really helping as much as she could be?

Let’s Talk About Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin has now been clean and sober for 5 years and is an awesome example that recovery not only works for anyone who wants to live this amazing way of life, but that an addict/alcoholic can change. Sweetin, along with so many other sober celebrities, have helped break the stigma of addiction. It’s unfortunate that other celebrities like Cyrus continue to downplay the recovery community’s efforts in showing the world that addicts and alcoholics are not bad people trying to get good, but rather just sick people trying to get better. When we do get better, we are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. So, kudos to you Jodie Sweetin – we love recovery, too!

If you are struggling with drug addiction or alcohol abuse issues, you are not alone and there is hope. Click here for help now, because you’re worth it!

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