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Specialized Programs: Men’s Program

Men’s Program

mens program

At The Addiction Recovery Center, we understand the unique challenges that affect men. For many of us, this disease has left our lives in shambles, making it difficult to know how to get to the next step. An experienced guide can provide invaluable support and direction along the way to overcoming addiction.

The Addiction Recovery Center offers medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for chemical dependencies such as drug and alcohol addiction. This can include street drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol. Our treatment centers provide a positive environment to help addicts deal with their physical and physiological dependencies, including the detox process.

As a patient, our team of qualified professionals will help you with your personal recovery plan that is based on the proven methods of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy combined with the time tested 12-Step programs of AA and NA. You will receive intensive structured care with the proper support system in place to ensure a successful recovery.

You will be introduced to a 12-Step Fellowship and can attend daily 12-step support group meetings in-house and within the community. We promise to care for you and treat you with dignity as you heal your heart, mind and soul. The Addiction Recovery Center is a world – class drug detox rehab and addiction treatment center; offering treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

As a state licensed treatment facility, staffed with qualified professionals, we will provide you with the help and support you need to restart your life. Our center is dedicated to providing you with a therapeutic environment that meets your individual needs.

Our facilities offer the level of care necessary to treat your dependency and help you achieve long term recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. The Addiction Recovery Center will care for you while we teach you how to rebuild your life and restore relationships with your family and loved ones. However, the most important relationship we help you restore is with yourself.

We achieve this by providing professional, individualized, and comprehensive treatment for men suffering from the effects of alcohol and drug addiction. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients and their families and adapting our services to meet our patients’ needs.

Our gender specific programs offer much more insight than traditional therapy and counseling. Popular men’s topics and featured speakers will give light to a new way of life and empower you to fulfill your personal recovery goals.

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Alcohol Treatment at The Addiction Recovery Center
Alcohol treatment or treatment for alcoholism is the first step in beginning a lifetime in recovery. Although alcoholism is defined as a chronic, progessive and often fatal disease; alcohol treatment can often arrest this condition and a lifetime in recovery is possible. Alcohol treatment is available at The Addiction Recovery Center.

Alcoholism affects millions of Americans throughout the nation each year. Often times a family history has been linked to alcoholism through genetics, causing family members to potentially be vulnerable to alcoholism.

Alcohol treatment affectively allows someone suffering from alcohol abuse to break the chain of their addiction. Treatment can teach the abuser about the addictive behaviors that can be a factors in their addiction. Treatment programs provide education, therapy and detoxification; which allow for higher success rates. Medically supervised rehabilitation facilities can assist with severe withdrawal symptoms which can occur in a patient while detoxifying their body from alcohol.