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Treatment Programs: Medical Detoxification

All Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Programs Are Not the Same

medical detox

Extended abuse of drugs and alcohol take a toll on an individual not only mentally, but also physically. In order to truly recovery from addiction, a medical detox is usually required.

It is not unusual for detoxification from drugs and alcohol to be a difficult and often painful experience. Medically assisted detox is a process which allows the body to cleanse itself of drugs or alcohol while managing the sometimes severe symptoms of withdrawal.

Detox should not be viewed as a punishment for the use or abuse of drugs and alcohol. At The Addiction Recovery Center, we view detox as a stepping stone to begin addiction recovery safely and as comfortably as possible. This first step should be completed immediately, and often in conjunction with the beginning of rehabilitation therapy.

Detoxification alone with no Follow-up is not Treatment

Choosing to quit an addiction to prescription pain killers, drugs, or alcohol “cold turkey” and without medical assistance poses significant dangers to your health and can result in severe medical repercussions. In order to avoid serious consequences and the pain of withdrawal, choose a safe medical detox program designed specifically for you to comfortably release you from the physical grasp of your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The Addiction Recovery Center’s detoxification program is well known for providing excellent medical detoxification services. Our experienced and compassionate medical staff provides the quality care and supportive environment patients need to recover from drug and alcohol addictions. Our goal is that not only is your detoxification successful but also that it is as comfortable as possible. At The Addiction Recovery Center, our caring staff will work with you and your loved ones daily to ensure a successful journey to healing and recovery.

As a part of The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs will give you the peace of mind that only a proven leader in the field of Addiction Treatment can provide.

Our skilled physicians and 24-hour nurses work diligently to manage and ease withdrawal symptoms as well as any co-occurring medical problems. Detox independently is not an answer to addiction, but for most patients, it is a vital first step.

The Addiction Recovery Center is a leading Addiction Treatment center, and we know that one of the biggest obstacles to beginning the detoxification process is fear of the symptoms and process of withdrawal. Often, addicts will continue use of drugs or alcohol simply to avoid experiencing drug or alcohol detoxification and the dread of a painful withdrawal.

Our patients at The Addiction Recovery Center find refuge and peace of mind in knowing that their detoxification and treatment is managed by highly trained doctors and medical professionals who share a passion helping those with alcohol or drug addictions to discover the joy of lasting recovery.

As a patient at The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs, you receive individualized detoxification, rehabilitation, treatment, and counseling as well as group therapy; providing the physical, emotional, and psychological support you need for successful recovery from Alcohol or Drug Addiction. Our expert staff and experience is crucial to your triumphant recovery and we are with you every step of the way.

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The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs are “Gold Seal” accredited through The Joint Commission. The Addiction Recovery Center is licensed by The State of Florida (FL) Department of Children and Families to perform addiction and substance abuse detoxification for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, drug treatment, alcohol rehabilitation, and drug rehab levels of treatment with intensive inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehab, as well as prevention services.

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What A Patient Said
“I hear other people talking about their treatment and they didn’t have nearly the support and expertise that The Addiction Recovery Center gives it patients. I felt very privileged to see a Psychiatrist, who is also certified in addictions, everyday. The medical services work-up and follow-up were fantastic, not to mention the consult I had with the Dietician and the chefs that prepared our meals! WOW!! I felt that the Watershed staff took very good care of me during my detox period and made it much easier and safer with detox medications.” —Courtney—
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The Addiction Recovery Center has provided state of the art treatment services to over 20,000 people. We know addiction and we know treatment, but most important, we know recovery and what it takes to make it a reality.

At The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs our commitment is to deliver the highest possible standard of care to anyone suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism.

The Addiction Recovery Center can help you begin the journey of long-term recovery from the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism.

The Addiction Recovery Center is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment experience, along with innovative and effective addiction treatment programs to help change people’s lives.

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