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Medical Detoxification | Our Medical Detox

Withdrawal symptoms and Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol influences the mental and physical health of an individual. To truly recover from substance dependency, a medical detoxification is usually required. However, detoxification from substance abuse can sometimes be a difficult and painful experience. Quitting without medical assistance poses significant risks to your health and can result in medical repercussions.  That’s why we recommend that you look into the services that we provide at our rehabilitation center.

The Addiction Recovery Center’s medical detox is a process that allows the body to safely cleanse itself of toxins built up from drugs or alcohol abuse while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. At our addiction treatment facility, we don’t view detox as a punishment, but rather as a stepping-stone to a comfortable and safe addiction recovery.

What to Expect From A Medical Detoxification

It is important to remember that at The Addiction Recovery Center, your comfort is extremely important to us. Throughout each step of the medical detoxification process, we are constantly vigilant, and will modify your treatment to best suit your needs. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you understand what the detoxification process is like at The Addiction Recovery Center:

Arrival At The Addiction Recovery Center

Upon your arrival at The Addiction Recovery Center treatment center, you will be greeted by caring, professional medical staff members who are committed to supporting you in the recovery process.

Medical Detox

In order to assess your current health condition, you will work with our medical professional to create a treatment plan that will address your unique needs. As part of this evaluation, our trained medical staff will inform you what they will do to best treat your withdrawal symptoms.

Understanding The Treatment Process

This is a crucial and potentially difficult time that deters many individuals from the medical detoxification process. Most patients are highly concerned about the withdrawal symptoms and how they will be managed. Depending on the substance of abuse, there are various withdrawal symptoms that can cause complications which require the immediate attention of a medical professional. Our patients can rest assured that they are under the 24-hour supervision of trained professionals that are concerned with their safety and comfort. Under the discretion of your doctor or nurse, you may be given non-addictive medications to remedy various withdrawal symptoms in addition to nutritional supplements and fluids. This process is usually complete within a week, although it is largely dependent on the condition of the individual.

During this time, professionals will often limit your contact with family and friends. It is in your best interest to focus on detoxification recovery without outside influence.

Although drug and alcohol medical detoxification will not be complete at this point, treatment specialists often advise that you start to take part in some of the various services that they provide to maximize your time at the facility. These services include therapy, counseling and group activities. This point in detox will help you fight against loneliness that is at times felt while going through a detox program by working alongside other patients going through a similar circumstance.

This will be your first milestone on the road to recovery. Your body will feel the best that it has in a long time, but you have not yet recovered from addiction. Detox helps you overcome the biological need for drugs and alcohol, and rehab helps you prepare for life after treatment. Now you will gain insight through stress management, family counseling, therapy, and relapse prevention skills

Our Medical Detoxification Program

Our rehabilitation center is well known for providing excellent medical detoxification services right at our own facility. The Addiction Recovery Center’s experienced and compassionate medical staff provides the quality care and supportive environment that patients need to recover from drug and alcohol addictions. Our goal is to not only make your detoxification successful, but also comfortable and pain-free. At The Addiction Recovery Center, our caring staff will work with you daily to ensure a successful journey to healing and recovery. This type of support will give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that only a proven leader in the field of addiction treatment can provide.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Accredited as being amongst the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers, we understand that one of the most difficult obstacles to beginning the detoxification process is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, many addicts will continue use of drugs or alcohol to save them from experiencing drug or alcohol detox.

Our specialized physicians and 24-hour nursing staff work diligently to manage and relieve withdrawal symptoms along with any co-occurring medical problems. Patients at The Addiction Recovery Center can be put at ease with the knowledge that highly trained doctors and medical professionals administer their medical detoxification and treatment.