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The Watershed provides a full medical detox on-site by 24-hour nursing and paramedic staff.
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Medical Care

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The Watershed’s Safe Medical Detox Treatment

The Watershed’s medically supervised withdrawal (often called detoxification or detox) uses medication to help people withdraw from alcohol or drugs safely and comfortably. People who have been taking large amounts of opioids (e.g., heroin, OxyContin, or codeine), barbiturates or sedatives (downers), pain medications, or alcohol either alone or together may need medically monitored or managed withdrawal services.

Sometimes, withdrawal can be so severe that people hallucinate, have seizures, or develop other dangerous conditions. Here at our substance abuse treatment clinic, we’re here to ensure a safe and pain-free detox with medication and professional supervision. Medically supervised withdrawal takes place in our specialized inpatient detoxification unit with close medical support.

Detoxification may take a week or more, during which time the person will receive medical care and may begin to receive education about his or her disease. Patients at The Watershed’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment center will receive the support they need to ensure their well-being.

The Watershed’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many people with a substance use disorder also have emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Young adults in treatment are likely to display behavior problems, conduct disorder, or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

A diagnosis indicating the presence of a mental disorder in addition to substance abuse is called Dual Diagnosis. We know that treating both the substance use and mental disorders increases the chances that the person will recover. At The Watershed’s rehabilitation clinic, our Dual Diagnosis program provides mental health care in the event a mental disorder is discovered during treatment.

How We Use Medication at The Watershed

Medication can help the recovery treatment process, and programs sometimes use medications to treat alcohol or opioid dependence because it blocks the effects. While no medications can cure dependence on drugs or alcohol, they can help a recovering addict stay abstinent and live sober.

Before using medication, however, it is important for addicts to go through detox first, so they are substance-free before starting their addiction treatment. Because it is very difficult for a person to detoxify from opioid drugs, medications are sometimes used to help a recovering addict make that transition.

But detoxification and medication don’t work without a strong social support system, including someone who will make sure that he or she continues to take their medications regularly. When an adolescent is taking medication to treat dependence, it is particularly important that parents provide strong support and supervision to ensure consistency. At the Watershed’s rehabilitation center, we can guarantee our caring staff can be there to assist along the way.

The Watershed’s Primary Care Treatment Programs

The Watershed’s primary care programs combine the best elements of 12-Step Recovery, chemical dependency education, and psychotherapy. We believe this combination offers our patients the best pathway to recovery. Our therapists are licensed mental health practitioners, certified addiction professionals, and other professionals in the field of addiction treatment.

The Watershed’s Physician Services and Capabilities

The Watershed’s staff and rehabilitation facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of medical issues including medical detox, a process that can often be beyond the capabilities of most other treatment facilities. The Watershed’s world-class facility  is handicap accessible and fully capable of treating clients affected by asthma, blindness, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, seizure disorders, HIV and AIDS.

The Watershed’s Nursing Services

The Watershed’s drug and alcohol addiction center maintains an acute medical detoxification program within its main facility. The detox center is staffed 24 hours a day by a team of licensed medical professionals, and patients requiring intensive care during detox are placed in CCTV monitored rooms.

“I have high expectations from my nurses.
We are here to provide quality nursing care in a professional manner.”

The Watershed’s Psychiatric Care: Healing Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

The Medical Director of the Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs supervises all psychiatric services at The Watershed. We vow to care for you and treat you with dignity as you heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Together we lay the foundation on which you will build your new life. We will support you as you take charge of your future. It’s your future, and it’s your life. That’s why our Watershed mission is to provide the best and most cost effective treatment to people and families affected by the diseases of addiction, alcoholism, and mental illness. We promise to fulfill that mission and help you fulfill your life’s goals. It’s a promise to help you heal.

“You may not know when your Watershed moment happens; you may not know what caused it; a word from a friend… a moment of reflection.”

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