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Resources: Long Term Drug Rehabilitation

Long Term Drug Rehabilitation

Depending on your unique addiction, you may need long-term drug rehab. While each center offering long-term drug rehab programs can define it differently, this is essentially when you require inpatient or residential treatment for longer then 30 days. This does not mean that you are a bad person. It just means that you require a bit more help to overcome your addiction than others. However, it is important that you know that you are not the only addict to need long-term drug rehab, but you may be one of the few who have the courage to admit that need this length of help.

Primary Treatment In Long-Term Drug Rehab

At The Addiction Recovery Center, as stated above, there are three progressions to your levels of treatment in long-term drug rehab. When you first enroll in our center, more than likely you are still high on your drugs, hence, you will enter into your primary treatment. The primary treatment in long-term drug rehab focuses mainly on getting you sober. This is the part of your long-term drug rehabilitation programs in which you will be assessed and an individualized treatment plan will be written for you. Moreover, this is when you will have to face the dreaded detox. However, at The Addiction Recovery Center, we believe that because we have created a safe environment for you that detox will not be as stressful as you might think.

During this part of your long-term drug rehab treatment, you will be involved in every part of the schedule at The Addiction Recovery Center. This is the most intensive part of your treatment. You will be attending groups, meetings, meeting with your doctors and physiatrists, and basically being fully emerged in the treatments offered here. However, at the end of these 30 days, you can progress to extended care if you are successful at the primary treatment part of your long-term drug rehab plan.

Extended Care In Drug Rehabilitation

In long-term drug rehab, there may be a second level or progression in your treatment plan. This part of your treatment generally happens after you have reached sobriety, meaning you have been through detox and no longer are physically dependent on your drug. At The Addiction Recovery Center, this part of your long-term drug rehabilitation is known as extended care. It will also last for 30 days and is less intensive then your primary treatment.

The extended care portion of your long-term drug rehabilitation is sort of a middle man. You are not addicted to your drugs anymore, yet you are not ready to live without constant supervision because you are still at risk for a relapse. Extended care is meant to keep you away from the temptation of drugs while still providing you with new tools that will help you obtain full recovery. If you are ready to go through long-term drug rehabilitation, please call The Addiction Recovery Center at 1-888-510-2481.

Sober Living Is The Last Part Of Long-Term Drug Rehab

Any long-term care drug rehab center usually offers some type of half way house. This acts as a place where you are still safe from the temptation of drugs, but you can start to enter back into society as a sober person. Essentially, a half way house is where you stay when you have reached sobriety, but are not yet ready to live at home. At The Addiction Recovery Center, this is known as sober living because you do live in a sober home, with other sober guests, as you get used to having less structure. This part of your treatment can last for 30 days or longer, depending on your needs. You will still attend some meetings at The Addiction Recovery Center, but a lot of your meetings will be outside of the center with your sponsor and other therapies.

Sober Living is an essential part of your long-term drug rehab treatment because it gives you a middle ground as opposed to being thrust back into real life. Without sober living, the drastic change in structure could be enough to throw you into a relapse. We understand this at The Addiction Recovery Center and this is why we do not have a set time limit on how long you stay in Sober Living. Call The Addiction Recovery Center today at 1-888-510-2481 so you may progress to this level of treatment.

Long-Term Drug Rehabilitation Leads To Sobriety

Just because you require long-term rehab does not mean you do not deserve the best treatment possible. It only means that you need a little more help reaching it. It also means that you need to be removed completely from your current living situation and placed in a secure environment. If you can accept this, then your long-term rehab can lead you to sobriety. The thing to remember, though, is that you must take your treatment one day at a time. Because you are staying in treatment for an extended period of time, it may seem overbearing. However, if you take it minute by minute and day by day, you will find the strength to make it through your treatment and reach sobriety. Moreover, if you are in a comfortable environment, such as what is provided by The Addiction Recovery Center, long-term drug rehabilitation will not be as stressful.

For additional information on the long-term drug rehab programs at The Addiction Recovery Center, please visit For immediate assistance call The Addiction Recovery Center anytime at 1-888-510-2481.

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