Social Networking Site Gains Momentum

Delray Beach,FL-  The Addiction Recovery Center is pleased to announce 1,800 members actively seeking recovery support and guidance through

The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs launched last January to provide continued care for Alumni and their families.  This social networking recovery website recently surpassed the creative team’s goal of 1,500 active members. offers 24 hour recovery support Online.  A social networking based website, similar to; allows members to connect with others by adding friends, posting status updates, writing on their friend’s walls, and uploading pictures and videos.  Members can also start their own groups where they can share their experience, strength and hope in discussion forums.

Social networking features of include:

  • Finding friends
  • Creating and joining groups
  • Chatting live
  • Sharing and tagging photos/videos
  • Status Updating and commenting
  • Private Messaging

In addition to the “Connect” section of the site, includes an Alumni and Family Magazine.  Articles added monthly discuss various recovery related problems and solutions.  The site includes an inspiration section where members can find a meeting, listen to circuit speakers or gain encouragement from other member’s stories.

Social Media Specialist, Lisa C., believes benefits Watershed alumni and family of alumni in many ways.

“This site provides a wealth of resources and information.  In addition to being one of the most amazing sober support networks, offers a life line for alumni struggling with recovery.”

The Addiction Recovery Center remains extremely optimistic about the future of  Lisa also stated, “I see becoming the most utilized form of communication between Alumni and families of The Addiction Recovery Center.”

About Watershed Alumni Program

The Addiction Recovery Center’s Alumni Department is committed to providing ongoing support for every member of the Watershed Family.  Alumni coordinators take the time to follow up with every recovering Watershed Alumni via telephone, connecting on, or communicating through email.  The Addiction Recovery Center knows that by providing multiple points of contact they can offer the most effective follow up and continued care.  The Addiction Recovery Center’s Alumni Department holds weekly alumni meetings, monthly activities and an annual picnic.