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Liquid Meth Transported In Bottles from Mexico

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Concealed in tequila and even soda bottles, liquid meth appears to be the latest novelty in the illegal drug trade.  Despite the fact that methamphetamine can be made virtually anywhere by any person, liquid meth has been trafficked from Mexico to Central California and distributed throughout other, but not limited to, surrounding states.  Liquid meth was noticed more than once in 2012, but now the frequency of discoveries by authorities has skyrocketed.  Authorities believe the reasoning behind the contraband is because of the tight security and crackdown on underground meth labs in California.  With the liquid meth easily passed off in appearance as alcohol and other drinks, it seems to be the “safest” transportation method for drug exporters that have to cross the border from Mexico in particular.

Liquid Meth Alert

One of the first run-ins with liquid meth was actually while it was being moved from California all the way out to Oregon by a 20-year-old male.  The liquid meth was transported inside 15 Mexican tequila bottles in the trunk of the man’s car.  This lead to an immediate arrest, with the outcome of just under 4 years of imprisonment. Since 2013, several other occasions where high quantities of liquid meth have been found in California resulted in similar penalties. Reported early in the year, a meth lab in California was discovered to be transforming the transported liquid meth into crystals that would provide revenue of about $1 million when sold on the street.

Like any other secretive lab with the sole purpose of providing a location to create illegal drugs, these meth labs pose a serious threat to neighboring structures and the innocent bystanders around them.  Meth labs are constructed by everyday people that do not have a background with chemical science, which often brings explosive results – literally.  An official from Homeland Security commented, “A spark can turn this into a fireball.”  This proves to be true, as the number of combustions due to liquid meth conversions has become larger.

What is being done about liquid meth?

Fortunately, officials have gotten better at stopping the drug movement dead in its tracks.  At some point last year, a Mexican male who was only 16 years old was under suspicion and withheld from crossing the border.  When a mysterious liquid was found in his vehicle by authorities, he was more than willing to take a large gulp to prove it was not liquid meth.  However, this failed when he expressed how much physical pain he was consequently in, followed by the teen’s death shortly thereafter.

It would appear as though there are multiple dangers that come along with the transport of disguised liquid meth, with spread of the drug, explosions, and death to name a few.  Western border states like California, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington are said to be the most at-risk for illegal exporting, as they are all along an easy transport route from Mexico, which is the common origin of many drugs. There are great consequences that come from the use of taking methamphetamine, and it is an extremely addictive drug in any form.  If you, or someone you know, are struggling with an addiction to meth, contact The Addiction Recovery Center now.

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