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Krokodile Synthetic Drug Kills & Rots Flesh

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Krokodile synthetic drug, a poor man’s heroin, is gaining popularity in Russia but with devasting effects. There are a lot of hot designer drugs on the streets today, each one wreaking havoc on the lives of those addicted to them. Although drugs ruin lives indiscriminately, the Krokodile synthetic drug in particular is gaining a ghastly reputation.

Krokodile synthetic drug: Poor Man’s Heroin

Used widely in Russia, the Krokodile synthetic drug is known as the poor man’s drug. The name derives from the actual animal, the crocodile. It gets its name due to the effect it leaves on the user. The Krokodile synthetic drug is injected into the skin; wherever it is injected the skin turns a gangrenous green and becomes very scaly, like a crocodile.

Krokodile synthetic drug Effects: Rotting Flesh

The horror doesn’t end there, not only does the user look like a crocodile, eventually the injection site will look like it was attacked by a crocodile as well.  The Krokodile synthetic drug literally takes the flesh right off the bone. Those who inject are susceptible to blood poisoning as well as infections; some infections actually involve flesh eating bacteria, which contributes to rotting flesh.

Recipe For Death

Why do people still use it? Even with grisly effects, people still use the Krokodile synthetic drug because it’s cheap and the ingredients are readily accessible. The Krokodile synthetic drug is basically desomorphine which is from the morphine family. It is about eight times as potent as morphine and mimics the high produced by heroin.  Codeine combined with commonly found household items such as gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, and iodine will create this nasty concoction. Don’t forget the red phosphorous which is obtained by scraping the pad on the side of the matchbox.  With heroin going for about $80.00 a dose, the Krokodile synthetic drug is a whopping $4.00 a dose plus the cost of the household items. It may be cheaper monetarily in comparison, but users end up literally paying an arm and a leg in exchange for a quick trip.

Although confined to Russia, the Krokodile synthetic drug epidemic is sure to spread. This is why it’s so important to seek help for any substance addiction, from heroin addiction to alcohol abuse. A drug rehabilitation center is the best place to cope with any addiction and get clean. Drug detoxification combined with therapy, education, and support is the best method for treating any addiction.

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