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Kratom Drug: Justified Or Just Another Excuse To Get High

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Kratom drug, also known by its botanical name mitragyna speciosa, is a tree native to Southeast Asia. Kratom is part of the coffee tree and its leaves have been used as an herbal drug/tea, stimulant (low doses), sedative (high doses), recreational drug, pain killer, and the treatment of opiate addiction. One of the biggest problems with Kratom in the recovery community is that there are many addicts and alcoholics relapsing because they don’t consider it a “real” drug.

As of now the drug is banned in six different states and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has stated that there is “no legitimate medical use in the U.S.,” as reported by CNN. One of the main concerns officials have is that there is still unknown risks associated with Kratom, including if it’s addictive or not.

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Kratom Drug High

A relapse, whether on your drug of choice or a new drug, is considered to be a relapse when your intent was to get drunk or high. If you are an addict or alcoholic in recovery and are taking Kratom to get high, you relapsed, it’s that simple. The effects of Kratom bring back the physical craving of the disease of addiction which goes hand and hand with the mental obsession.

The disease of addiction is progressive and if an addict or alcoholic is trying to find outside means to get high or feel OK, they may want to get honest with themselves about their recovery. Just because the substance may be legal, given out by doctors, or doesn’t show up on most drug tests, doesn’t make it OK. Being in recovery is about being honest – with yourself and others. There is a lot of discussion in the field of addiction treatment about what is “safe” to take in recovery, but for most, complete abstinence of mind altering substances that could affect one’s long-term sobriety has been most successful.

Kratom Recovery

If you find that you are using Kratom as a means to escape or relieve pain, as a means of overcoming a craving or mental obsession, as a means of getting high, you may want to re-check your program of recovery and ask yourself why do you need to do it in the first place? Why the need to justify this behavior? And how is it blocking you from growing in recovery? If you can honestly look at the facts, you may be surprised at how Kratom could ultimately bring you right back into the grip of addiction.

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