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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm And Move Forward

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keep-calm-and-move-forward“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”  – Mandy Hale

Meditation To Move Forward

How many of us stayed at certain places, with certain people, holding on to certain ideas, beliefs and things because we were too afraid to let go and move on? This is true for many of us alcoholics and addicts (inside & outside of recovery); it is also true for people in general. It’s part of the human experience to do these things. It’s when we become aware of these actions that we know we must do something about it. Sometimes the pain is great enough that we move on rather quickly, other times it seems like eternity before we make a move, and that’s even if we do make a move.

Many of us would have escaped years of hell if we had just let go and moved forward into a program of recovery. We know this to be true because that’s our experience. We also know that it took every ounce of pain for us to come to terms that we could not use or drink successfully. We came into recovery and some of us start to see that we are still engaging in the same behaviors we were when we were in our addiction. We stay with bad people, places, and things. We can’t seem to let go because of fear. What if this is the only job, person, place, or thing I will get? I can’t let go, there is nothing else that will replace it.  We begin to see that these people, places, and things still dominate us and unless we are willing to let go of all those things holding us back, we will never know true freedom.

From my experience, if I didn’t let go and move on from many of the “things” that were holding me back; I would never have the beautiful life I have today. I also would never have known what amazing things would await me if I didn’t let go and move forward. When we live in fear we block ourselves off from the spirit of the light and we also block ourselves off from our own happiness. When we let go and move on from those bad people, places, and things; we give room for our lives to be filled with happiness, peace, and joy. Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your happiness, even if it’s you. It’s time to let go off it all and take a leap of faith into the unknown and move forward! You are worth it and you deserve to live a beautiful life. If you are looking for a sign to move forward from something that is hurting you, here it is. The time to change is now. 

Written By: Recovery Gal

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