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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Don’t Do Drugs

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National Drug Facts Week January 27th – February 2m 2014 via NIH (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Don’t Do Drugs Meditation

If most of us could have said no to doing drugs or drinking alcohol after sometime, the majority of us would have. If “just say no” were that simple, I also wouldn’t have become the raging alcoholic/addict that I became. I am not sure exactly when or how I became so very addicted to chasing that buzz, but I do know that I knew very little of the facts associated with alcoholism and drug abuse.  These false beliefs would nearly kill me.

I believed that you couldn’t become an alcoholic at an early age. I believed that I could never handle or control my panic attacks without the use of Xanax. I also believed that I could smoke pot as long as I just didn’t drink. What I found out: by 21 I was a full blown alcoholic, when I came into recovery I stopped using Xanax and by working a program of recovery I have not had one major panic attack since I got sober, and lastly, my pot smoking led me back to the drink.

My story is like many others; I tried multiple ways to control my drinking or would find other ways to get buzzed. You see I have a mental obsession, spiritual malady, and physical allergy that create my alcoholism and drug addiction. If I don’t cover all three bases, it’s going to be difficult for me stay clean and sober long. I was a dry drunk for a few years and since I hadn’t had a drop of liquor in all that time, I thought that I could smoke weed. I did and at the time it didn’t seem to affect me in a negative way, but I didn’t know what I had done. I had kicked off my physical allergy and compromised my thinking; a drink began to sound like a good idea after sometime. If I could control this, why can’t I have just one drink? It would be another 2-3 years before I made it back to the rooms and in that time I lost everything, including myself.

Today I found that I can’t drink or drug successfully and if I don’t work on those three components, I will think I can. When I am not living by principles, I have a tendency of managing my life into the ground and hurting myself and others in the process. My experience has given me great insight and has helped me not only reach a solid rock bottom, but helped smash the idea that I can fix me and cure my alcoholism with my own thinking.

Written By: Recovery Gal

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