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Artist, Jamie Scanlon, Gives Up Street Drugs For Street Art

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Even though addiction nearly killed him, Artist Jamie Scanlon of Weston-super-Mare, England, recovered and picked up his life and love for street art.  Now, his work, which was originally inspired by graffiti street artist Banksy, is being admired by the world.

Jamie Scanlon Street Artist

Losing thirst for life from addiction

When drugs take priority in a person’s life, nothing else seems to matter other than the substances; the individual becomes wrapped up in their own selfish, self-seeking, fearful, and dishonest tendencies. All other obligations and commitments get put on the back burner because addiction is a disease where consequences mean nothing to the addict. This was blatantly obvious for 37-year-old Jamie Scanlon, who was a talented, aspiring artist. “I started dabbling in drugs and knocking around with the wrong people and when I was 19,” Scanlon divulged, “Two of my closest friends were murdered six months apart.”  He explained how this event led him into a downward spiral, which ultimately consumed his life.  When addicts take substances continually and ignite the allergy of their disease, it comes at the hefty price of their sanity.  Addiction comes with consequences that individuals may not anticipate until they are fully active in their disease, and by then, they may be too deep into their disease to care.

Defining moment

Addiction caused a lack of interest in art for Scanlon until he found himself at an exhibit in 2009.  After viewing Banksy’s graffiti art, Scanlon claimed he had a “watershed moment,” otherwise known as a defining moment in a person’s life.  “It made me realize that maybe I could make it as an artist. It planted the seed to start fighting my addiction and I replaced that buzz with one far superior,” Scanlon enthusiastically explained to Huffington Post. This was exactly what Scanlon needed to shift his creative focus back into the flow and to get him back into some type of manageable living again. His response was to take to the street, but not in the way he had become accustomed to. Scanlon began to practice his graffiti art on the streets, where he was able to express his passion in a new light, and reverse the lack of interest in life caused by his drug addiction. The city provided a setting that influenced his creativity and promoted a healthy flow of ideas. By using stencils, he was able to transfer his work on buildings to construct creative displays of art inspired by Banksy. Having now gained attention of the public, Scanlon is able to see how far he has come since his days of being addicted to drugs.

“I want to keep giving the world works to enjoy,” Scanlon explained. “I’m finally feeling proud of how far I’ve [come], but hope to remain grounded and not forget where I’m from.”  An addiction can take a person away from being present from their life.  Sobriety is more than just abstaining from drugs.  Living a life in sobriety and being away from addiction can mean returning to being passionate about life.

Jamie Scanlon Inspired Art

























































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“A watershed is a defining moment of insight and clarity where healing begins and lives are reclaimed.”

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