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Resources: Interventions and Alcohol Treatment

Interventions and Alcohol Treatment

Unfortunately, the nature of alcoholism is such that the disease often prevents alcoholics from recognizing their drinking problems as they actually are. With that in mind, we should note here that interventions are often vital precursors to the alcohol treatment process, especially insofar as they help an alcoholic see the true extent of his alcohol addiction and encourage him to admit himself to an alcohol rehab program.

Alcohol addiction is an overwhelming disease: It impacts every ounce of its victims’ beings, and leaves alcoholics incapable of finding meaning in anything except their need to drink. It should perhaps go without saying, then, that chronic alcoholics are especially ill-suited to conducting any kind of objective or rational self-analysis, and that most chronic drinkers aren’t aware of their problems until it’s already too late to do anything about them. Put simply, few alcoholics ever decide to enter an alcohol rehab center of their own accord. That’s not how addiction works, and that’s not how healing happens.

Instead, an alcoholic’s decision to check into an alcohol rehab center is more often than not the product of help from an interventionist. Interventionists work by confronting alcoholics with the fact of their addictions, and encouraging them to seek the help they need to get better. As a measure of last resort, involvement from an interventionist often constitutes a chronic drinker’s last best shot at alcoholic recovery; the people who need alcohol rehab centers the most are typically the ones who are least aware of it.

An interventionist’s strategy involves a spirit of warmth and support. Remember, it is not the goal of the interventionist to shame an alcoholic for his drinking, or take him to task for the pain he’s caused. On the contrary, the interventionist focuses on recovery, and healing, and convinces the addict to seek professional alcohol treatment at a professional alcohol rehab center. If someone you care about needs the kind of help that only an alcohol rehab center can deliver, you can’t afford to provide anything less than the most compassionate encouragement.

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