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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol is a very powerful substance, and like all such substances, it can be addictive. Alcoholism can destroy your work life, your family relationships, and, ultimately, your physical health. Millions have been affected by the liver disease and heart disease that alcoholism can cause. Don’t allow your chance for alcoholic recovery to slip away. Go into an inpatient alcohol rehab center and get the right kind of treatment for your addiction.

What is it that makes an inpatient alcohol rehab center the best place to beat your alcohol addiction? There are many factors that play into the successful track record of The Addiction Recovery Center. Our personalized treatment programs, the way we treat our patients, the aftercare programs, and our excellent staff all contribute to our success. If you are going to enter an inpatient alcohol rehab center, be sure it is one that can handle all of your needs, including detoxification.

Although drugs and alcohol detox are a well-known combination, alcoholism sometimes does require an alcohol detox, as well. You should not go into any inpatient alcohol rehab center that cannot take care of you as you go through this process. At The Addiction Recovery Center, we are licensed to help with an alcohol detox. You can heal from your alcoholism in a private setting where your confidentiality is respected. Let us help you recover from alcoholism. Call us now at 1-888-510-2481.

Our Staff

As soon as you arrive, you will be given a one on one session with a therapist. During your stay at our inpatient alcohol rehab center, the same therapist will continue working with you. The trust and accountability you build in this counseling scenario will be valuable in your recovery.

We offer you some of the finest counselors and therapists you can find at any inpatient alcohol rehab center. You will always feel at home, thanks to the warmth and care of our staff. In our inpatient alcohol rehab center, we are happy to provide delicious food each night. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or are vegetarian. We will make sure you have the kind of food you need in order to recover. Make a new start in life today. Call us at 1-888-510-2481.

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