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Brah, Are You Even Sober? How CrossFit Is Like Sobriety

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CrossFit has created its own community of people and it has been growing in numbers over the past few years. When we really take a good, hard look at CrossFit, it can oddly resemble another community of people – the recovery community of drug addicts and alcoholics.

How The CrossFit Community Is Like The Recovery Community

You have another name for where you and your friends meet.

WOD Meme_1










CrossFit people refer to their gym as “the box,” sober people refer to their meeting place as “in the rooms.”

The battle of burpees vs. steps

4th step meme_2









hate burpees about as much as newly sober people hate doing the steps.

No pain, no gain

no pain no gain meme_3










Although it’s painful after a good workout, you go back to the box for more because you know want to get strong. Those in recovery may find it just as painful to talk about their problems in the rooms, yet continue to share because they know it will make them stronger, too.

The secret lingo

secret meme_4










You know someone is in CrossFit by the lingo they use. Sober people have a lingo all their own, too.

WOD is to work out of the day for CrossFit like HOW is to honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness for those in recovery.

Never give up











Like the CrossFit mentality, giving up is not an option and many addicts and alcoholics have to fight their negative thinking to continue on in their program of recovery.

You’re judged for your decision to live a healthy lifestyle











Both are a community that many normal people either don’t understand or pre-judge.

Your dedication is sometimes confused with obsession











Like CrossFit, if you want to keep improving, you have to keep going. Rest days are ok, but if you stop going altogether, you will lose everything you have worked for.

If you want to succeed, you must have the proper tools











CrossFit people make sure they have the best equipment, supplements, and gear to help them grow. The same goes for those in recovery. Sober people make sure they have the best spiritual tools and recovery related material to help them continue to grow and stay sober long-term.

How long you have been doing it vs. how much you put into it are two very different statements











You could be doing CrossFit for years, but if you do not put your all into it, chances are you are not reaping the rewards. The same goes for those in recovery. The more effort is put into recovery, the better life one has in sobriety.

The only competition you have is yourself











Much like CrossFit, the only person you want to be better than, was the person you were the day before. Always growing towards a stronger, happier, and healthier you is the goal all along.

No matter what anyone says, remember that your decision to live a happier and healthier lifestyle is about you and your wants in life. Don’t let anyone stop you from living your life to the fullest because at the end of the day, you’re not alone and there are other people out there going after the same goals.

Written By: Recovery Gal

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