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Questions When Looking For A Sober Living Halfway House?

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What Is Sober Living?

A sober living environment, or halfway house, is simply a sober living home that is specifically designed for addicts and alcoholics who are early in recovery. It enables an addict or alcoholic to safely transition back to life without the fear of using or drinking. It also helps them deal with real life stressors while in a safe and structured environment. Some treatment centers, like The Addiction Recovery Center, have extended aftercare programs already in place that also provide services like halfway housing.

Sober Living Q&A

Who is the property and house manager?

Is the property licensed/certified as an established sober living environment?

Is the property inspected and approved by a local Fire Marshall?

Is the property all male, all female, or co-ed? If co-ed, are the men and women in separate residencies?

What accommodations are offered?

How many occupants per house and per room? How many bathrooms vs. occupants?

What is the weekly 12-step meeting requirement for residents?

Are residents required to have a 12-step sponsor?

Are there regularly scheduled mandatory house/property meetings for residents?

Are appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in writing and addressed prior to admittance?

Is there a written rent agreement for residents, which include mo. rent and length of time for the amount, rent deposits and policies re: how to regain deposit upon leaving and/or what would result in losing deposit?

Is there a written policy in place to address relapse? (i.e. protocol for emergency situations like overdose; someone currently under the influence; someone admits to or is found to be in relapse – although not currently high?)

Are individuals with mental illness who may be taking medication(s) allowed to live in the program? If yes, are there standards in place such as: record of their treating physician/psychiatrist and contact information; emergency contact person(s); listing of medications they are taking; policy if they refuse to take their medication or meet psychiatric responsibilities?

Are individuals with potentially life threatening illnesses, (i.e. diabetes, heart conditions, seizure disorders, asthma, etc..) allowed to live in the program? If yes, are there standards in place such as: record of treatment physician(s) and contact information; an emergency contact person(s); Listing of medications being taken.

Is there a set “minimum” and/or “maximum” length of stay for all residents?

Are there any extra services offered for residents, like career development programs, clubs, or alumni events?

Treatment Is So Much More Than Just Detox

Any drug or alcohol rehab that offers only detox or inpatient treatment is actually missing a very crucial part of treatment process in helping those stay clean and sober long term. Addicts and alcoholics did not become addicted to drugs and alcohol overnight; they will not recover overnight either. Residing at a halfway house in early recovery will give the addict and alcoholic the strength and tools needed to live life-long without the use of drugs or alcohol. To leatrn more about halfway houses and sober living, please contact us today: 1-888-510-2481.

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