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Frances Bean Cobain: Early Death Isn’t ‘Cool’

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Can you imagine what Frances Bean Cobain feels like, knowing that she will never get to know her own father?  The disease of addiction affects everyone in the addict’s life.  For Frances Bean, her father’s addiction and death would affect the rest of her life.  Recently, Frances Bean expressed her emotions as it relates to death after hearing what singer Lana Del Rey said in an interview.

Frances Bean Gets Offended

Frances Bean Cobain showed effort to restrain her temperament toward singer Lana Del Rey’s comment revolving around the topic of death in a recent interview.  Lana’s statement, “I wish I was dead already,” struck quite the nerve in Frances Bean, who lost her widely-known father, Kurt Cobain, before even reaching the mere young age of two.  Because of never getting to know and accurately remember her legend of a father, Frances Bean made a statement via social media that she felt that it is a terrible shame how some people die so young and that a youthful death is nothing to glamorize in the way that Lana had.  She went on to claim that comments like Lana’s, trick members of society into believing that death is falsely alluring when in reality death “isn’t cool.”

Kurt Cobain’s Death

To backtrack on the father of France Bean, Kurt Cobain, illegal drugs and addiction played a part in the musician’s fate.  It was the beginning of March in 1994 when Kurt Cobain made his first publicly-known suicide attempt with a lethal combination of alcohol and Rohypnol, which left him to be found by his wife, the famous Courtney Love, in an unconscious state, which spurred a near week-long hospitalization.  Within that same month, he was said to have locked himself in a room with a gun, having proclaimed another suicide threat.  This ended up being disputed by both Kurt and Courtney when the police were called.  However, an intervention shortly followed after this for Kurt by family and industry-related ties, resulting in him going to a detoxification program for his alcohol and drug abuse.  Kurt allegedly seemed fine in treatment and was even said to have seen Frances Bean, who was then barely a toddler.  It was revealed that he had left on his own after this and was missing.  Courtney had set up an investigative team to locate his whereabouts.  Kurt turned up to be pronounced dead around April 5 with a suicide note.  His death was due to a gunshot to his head, and drugs, like heroin and diazepam, were found in his system.  With a history of drug addiction, specifically to heroin, and depression, Kurt Cobain was said to have felt hopeless, a feeling addicts and alcoholics are all too familiar with.

With the untimely death of her father, Frances Bean is no fan of the disease of addiction, and it is understandable that disconcerting comments from people like Lana Del Rey would hurt her, due to their insensitivity and flippant disregard for the value of life.  Frances Bean also commented, “Embrace life, because you only get one life.”  Because of its truth, this uplifting statement showcases a crucial value to live by.  Why be a slave to a drug, or promote likability of death, when you could be displaying gratitude for the life given to you?  If you have feelings of hopeless or feel stuck in an endless addiction, give The Addiction Recovery Center a call today and turn your life around for the better.

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