Drug Addiction Treatment Center the watershed addiction treatment programs The Watershed Addiction Treatment programs offering drug addiction treatment as well as alcohol addiction treatment. America's premier drug addiction treatment center 24 hour addiction treatment helpline at the watershed addiction treatment programs for drug addiction

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When its time to make a a change and choose drug rehab or Alcohol Rehab that is right for you or your loved one then it's time for The Watershed drug rehab centers. We offer fully licensed Alcohol Treatment and drug rehab levels of care for alcoholism or drug Rehabilitation that can help you get sober and will equip you with the best tolls for success in your recovery.  

Thousands of alcoholics and drug addicts have succesfully completed drug alcohol rehab at The Watershed for their alcoholism and other drug addiction problems. 

Our team of clinical experts provide a caring and nurturing environment where physical drug or alcohol rehab and rehab treatment for psychological dependence can be helped through our rehab and 12 step plan within our world-class facilities.  We understand the complexities of drug addicts or alcoholics and have a proven track record of helping others, just like you physically , rehab and start a new life in recovery.

Alcohol Rehab and Treatment for The Disease of Addiction

As a patient, you receive individual rehab and group therapy; providing the emotional and psychological support you need for successful recovery & rehab.  Our patients have found a haven of success at The Watershed, through highly trained professionals whose vision and passion remains foremost to help addicts with alcohol rehab (rehabilitation) and addiction recovery.

Family Drug Rehab Programs

We also understand that successful rehab also includes help for the family members that have been affected by drug addiction and alcoholism. We offer therapeutic workshops to assist loved ones by educating them about the dieseases of alcoholism and drug addiction while helping them understand the goals of drug treatment and drug alcohol rehab which include:

  • Recognizing signs and symptoms of alcoholism / drug addiction or substance abuse

  • Addiction & how it effects the familu unit

  • Co-dependency & rehab breaking the cycle

  • How to repair damage caused by the alcoholic or addict’s disease

  • Helping recovering addicts after rehab ( rehabilitation)

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