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What is the average length of stay?
An average length of stay depends on the decision of the clinical and medical staff. If a patient is medically stable and clinically appropriate for the next level of treatment, then they are discharged to that level of care, usually in the order of inpatient to partial to outpatient.

Can I get fired for coming to treatment?
The Americans with Disabilities Act protects most patients from being fired if there have been multiple write ups or other disciplinary measures taken this can affect the person's job security.

Will I meet with a physician?
All inpatient and partial direct admissions meet with the Physician for a History and Physical. Any patient who needs to meet with the physician at the inpatient/partial program will be set up for a consult when it is needed and as often as it is needed.

Are private rooms available?
No, not even if you wanted to pay more, we believe semi-private rooms at the inpatient level results in the best outcome. The tendency of the addicted person to isolate and the benefit of the community are addressed by having 2 per room

What about exercise?
As approved by the physician, our inpatient facilities have rope courses, exercise and other outside activities designed by Activity Therapists.

What are rules regarding visitation?
Adult visitation is on Sunday from 2 until 4 o'clock. Adolescent inpatient at Madison is on Sunday from 12:30 until 2 o'clock. Check with the individual facility for specific rules regarding what you can bring, etc.

Are there tours of the facilities?
Due to confidentiality there are no general tours. Pictures of the facilities are on this web site.

Can you bring food from home?
Patients/Families cannot bring food, candy, drinks, etc. too the inpatient facilities

Is there family counseling?
Your family will be asked to attend Family Week at some time during your stay at whatever level of care you start your treatment in. Your counselor will arrange a session with your spouse as required.

Will someone call my family?
Yes, generally within 48 hours someone will contact your family to share progress and arrange Family Week

Is this Confidential?
Yes, your confidentiality is protected by law. Only through signed releases can information be released.

Can I bring CD's to treatment?
No tapes, CD's, cell phones, camera's, computers, or any other electronic device can be brought to treatment. (shavers may be used)

What type of clothing do I bring?
We suggest 5-7 days of clothing that is casual and comfortable. No clothing that refers to alcohol or drug use, bar T-shirts, etc. BHS has washers and dryers in each patient area.

What types of toiletries can the patient bring?
Adolescent patients can have only electric razors, no aerosol products or colognes. Adults may have non-alcohol based toiletries

Is smoking permitted?
Adult patients may smoke outside their patient area. Adolescents may not smoke. With parental consent, adolescents can be evaluated for a Habitrol patch while in treatment.

Are Church services available?
Non-denominational services are available at each inpatient facility


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